The Micro M3D printer

1. Introduction

"The Micro" is a quiet affordable 3D printer well suited for beginners. The company's printing software is available for Windows, Mac, and also Linux. But since I prefer using open source software (and the software was Mono based anyway), I was looking for other ways to print under Linux. Here's what I found.

2. First connection

There is a small software M33 Linux to access the M3D printer. It is already superseded by the plugin M33 Fio for OctoPrint (which I will cover later), but it is a nice way to setup basic drivers and first connection test. When you got here, you are ready to setup the actual printing software.

3. OctoPrint with M33 Fio plugin

OctoPrint is a very nice printing software suite for a wide variety of 3D printers. It is python based and the user interface is the web browser which makes it quite nice to use.

3.1. Setup prerequisites

3.2. Setup OctoPrint

OctoPrint does not need to be installed system-wide, you can choose the location freely.

3.3. Setup M3D plugin

3.4. First test

Now since everything should be set up, you can start doing the first steps in printing.

4. 3D modeling programs

There are many open source modeling programs available that can also create STL files, here is short list:
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