wmsorsen - sensor dockapp


wmsorsen is a dockapp which displays hardware sensor values. It's based on wmsensormon.

It's not limited to a specific hardware chip but can display any sensor value lm-sensors supports.

wmsorsen uses lm-sensors to read sensor values so a working installation is required.

wmsorsen is free software released under the GNU General Public License V2 or later.


The current release is wmsorsen 0.10.2 (22 kB) (signature) from 2015-05-16.



There is no configure script, just enter the directory wmsorsen in the archive and execute make followed by make install.

Now setup the configuration file.

  1. Copy the file wmsorsenrc into your home directory as .wmsorsenrc.
  2. Edit this file and enter up to 5 different sensor value to be monitored by wmsorsen.
    • Possible values can be obtained by executing
      wmsorsen --print
      which outputs all sensor information known by lm-sensors.
      Not every line is an actual sensor, some are just limits for corresponding sensors or similar information.
      You might need to test around which name corresponds to the sensor you want to monitor.
    • The example configuration is pretty self-explanatory. After the sensor name an optional minimal and maximal value for voltages, warning and fatal temperature or a minimal fan speed can be entered.
      The parser is very strict, the values need to be separated by whitespaces.
    • The fifth sensor value is not shown by value but just by a bar at the bottom of the window.
      Currently it is only possible to use a voltage sensor in this area.
    • You can use a custom label by using the configuration entry "text1".."text4".
  3. Execute
    to start the application.

Known limitations

Please contact me if you want get something from this list fixed (or any other problem which might occur).