APCComm - Amiga<->PC file transfer program


APCComm is a program for transferring files between Amiga and PC running GNU/Linux using the parallel or serial port and a LapLink cable or null-modem cable. It is relatively fast (up to 38 KByte/s), compared to other connection methods available for stock Amiga systems. It is easy to use (no configuration required), and there is a GUI for the Amiga.

APCComm can transfer files and directories so it can be used for easy backup/restoring. Since version 2.4.0 it can also read and write ADF disk images.

The Amiga GUI was created with GadToolsBox V2 and also uses the reqtools.library (ReqTools is Copyright © Nico François and Magnus Holmgren).

APCComm is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License V2 or later.


Latest version: 3.1.0 from 2023-01-21.

tags: amiga9