Worker file manager


Table of Contents

2023-03-05: Version 4.12.1:

  • fixes:
    • fixed compilation with older OpenSSL versions.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2023-03-04: Version 4.12.0:

  • new features:
    • add font configuration for alternative text view font.
      • font can be toggled in text view by either clicking on the corresponding button or pressing 'f'
      • can be used to have a variable width font and a monospaced font.
  • improvements:
    • added text view scrolling when selecting text. This also fixes selection box drawing which could been drawn beyond the area of the text area.
    • added support for separate X11 clipboard buffer used with Ctrl-c/v copy-and-paste. Text in text fields and text view can be copied to X11 clipboard with Ctrl-c. In text fields Ctrl-x and Ctrl-v is available too. Copy and paste with middle mouse click is still available regularly.
    • when files or directories could not be copied completely because some error, there is now an additional dialog asking to continue, skip or cancel. This can happen if a directory could not be read, or a file could not be accessed. There has already been an error message previously, but now there is another dialog and a list of incomplete entries is shown at the end of the copy process.
    • updated openssl usage for file checksumming to not use deprecated functions if newer equivalents are available (OpenSSL 3).
  • fixes:
    • fixed crash when a dot is entered in quick search mode in an empty directory.
    • fixed mouse over help sometimes missing for some windows.
    • fixed example scripts for virtual directories of git repositories, scripts for untracked and modified files had a wrong filter for .. files.
    • the command log for file renames showed the target name as the source name too.
    • pasting some utf8 text in text field might not always worked correctly.
    • fixed compilation when no regexp library is available.
  • other changes:
    • updated worker.desktop file and added metainfo.xml file (Thanks to Tobias Quathamer)
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2022-09-18: Version 4.11.0:

  • new features:
    • for the copy operation, the initial overwrite mode can be configured to always or never overwrite existing files, or to request on each existing entry (which is the default). If the config option is not set during command execution (via the "request flags" option), a confirmation is required if the option is not the default value to avoid unintended overwrites.
    • the directory compare command has a new option to compare file names case-insensitive.
    • the list view context menu about filters has new options to stash all currently active filters on a stack of stored filters. These stashed filters can be reapplied later from the same menu. There are also new registered commands "stash_current_filters", "pop_stashed_filters", and "top_stashed_filters" to modify the stack directly without accessing the menu. This feature allows to quickly switch between sets of filters without requiring to configure them manually.
  • improvements:
    • when pressing Cursor right in a virtual directory to limit the virtual directory to the top level directory of the current entry, the previously active entry is activated again so it remains active.
    • the command log window now does not block the main program. The alternate function of the "go to" button keeps the window open.
    • the filter select command now groups all filters by matching and mismatching filters. All filters which has been used previously and matches the current entry will be shown at the bottom in the first table column for fast access. All filters which do not match the current entry are shown in the second column. Both filter groups can still be used but the separation makes it easier to select the wanted filter.
    • pressing Return in a context menu on an submenu entry will change the focus to the submenu to make navigation easier.
    • the list view context menu can now be opened even if no entries are shown. The menu content is reduced to allow for modification of active filters and access directory presets.
    • added support to increase memory limit for XZ handler inside AVFS when trying to open archives that require higher memory limits. When this happens (and is supported by AVFS), a dialog pops up to ask for confirmation.
  • fixes:
    • fix possible crash with Xft font rendering.
    • some of the example scripts for virtual dirs based on git repo status failed when there were no entries.
    • fix some compiler warnings about deprecated C++ stuff.
    • in directory compare, the file size limit was not reset to unlimited if no value was entered but a non-zero values has been set before.
    • fixed generating temporary file copies for {t} if the file name does not have any file extension.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2022-04-27: Version 4.10.1:

  • improvements:
    • path jump improvements:
      • use async existence test in path jump dialog for breadcrumb buttons to avoid blocking on entries for which the test takes a while (for example, if they are within archives).
      • the elements in the path jump window can be limited to the current directory either on startup by toggling the lock status with Ctrl-l. When locked, only entries in the current directory (and its subdirectories) are shown. Also, navigation outside the locked directory is forbidden.
      • the path jump command has a new option to open the path jump window in locked mode.
      • when entering a filter, only existing entries are used for matching if non-existing entries are hidden.
      • the path jump window does no longer shrink when toggling the inclusion of the archived entries.
  • other changes:
    • add example script for creating a virtual dir of all changed files in a git repository since a specific commit. An example button is provided when starting the new version.
    • the git example scripts has been modified to work within subdirectories and only show matching entries in that subdirectory.
    • when creating temporary copies of files with flag {t}, for symlinks a copy of the target file is created.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2021-12-07: Version 4.10.0:

  • new features:
    • the path jump dialog can now hide non-existing entries immediately without having to check all entries first. The hide button has been changed to a toggle button and it is also bound to Ctrl+e. There is no longer a dialog to ask for removal of non-existing entries from database. Use the regular cleanup button to remove those entries.
    • add a log of executed commands which work on files. The log shows the last 1000 commands and can be accessed via the main window menu or the new "view command log" command (bound to C-x l in default config).
  • improvements:
    • when filtering the file list and the filter string starts with a dot, hidden files are automatically shown. When the directory is changed, the previous state for showing/hiding hidden files is restored.
    • many dialog and configuration windows can be closed by pressing Escape.
    • the path jump dialog allows to move old, non-existing entries into an archive which is not shown by default and can be cleaned up separately. This makes using the path jump dialog faster for large databases.
  • fixes:
    • improve performance when reading large directories when converting file times to local time.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2021-08-28: Version 4.9.0:

  • new features:
    • new registered commands:
      • "show_entry" enters the directory of the given name and highlights the base name.
      • "vdir_add_entry" adds an full path name to an existing virtual dir or creates a new virtual dir with that entry.
      • "vdir_from_script_stack" creates a new virtual dir with all elements of a selected ScriptOp stack.
    • registered commands with arguments can now also be selected in ScriptOp and from command menu. In ScriptOp, the arguments can be given directly or via dynamic flag replacement. In command menu, a dialog appears asking for the argument, which can also be entered directly or via flag replacement.
    • the chmod command can now be configured to directly apply a given set of permissions without asking. The octal representation of the chosen permission is shown as well and can be entered directly too.
  • improvements:
    • support config directory according to freedesktop specification in $HOME/.config/worker instead of $HOME/.worker. The latter directory still takes precedence over the former if it exists so no changes must be made and it only applies to new installations.
  • fixes:
    • fixed problems with temporary files:
      • if /tmp (or $TMPDIR) is mounted noexec, command execution in a terminal did not work. The configuration value for the terminal to use must be changed to make it work. The default value is changed accordingly.
      • if $TMPDIR contains spaces or other special characters, command execution did not work correctly. Due to missing quoting, files that are part of the TMPDIR string might be unintentionally overwritten.
    • fixed bug in Polish translation which changed language back to English on save.

2021-05-01: Version 4.8.1:

  • fixes:
    • fixed a console print out which happened in some configuration dialogs.
    • fixed possible crash on first startup in XFT font mode.
  • other changes:
    • add missing config update files for lzip file type and buttons
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2021-04-05: Version 4.8.0:

  • new features:
    • the "pattern select" command now has an option to directly apply the configured filter without asking for the filter.
    • a new option in the general settings allows to disable background file existence tests for some path prefix.
    • the path jump interface has a new option to only show relative paths if the display mode is limited to sub directories. This option is on by default.
    • the path jump command has additional configuration settings to select the initial display mode and whether to include all data sources directly on start.
  • improvements:
    • popup help windows now only appear if the window has the focus, and close when the window loses the focus.
  • fixes:
    • implement workaround for lost keyboard focus bug in some window manager when closing multiple windows.
    • fix handling of newlines when pasting content to text areas. If the element was part of the configuration, it could become unparsable due to the newline. Now newlines will be filtered when pasting text.
    • add a limit of background threads for file existence tests to avoid crashes when the thread pool is exhausted. It usually happened when there are entries in the path jump db or bookmark for which stat() blocks until the device becomes available again. Now Worker itself will eventually block until the device becomes available again, except of crashing.
  • other changes:
    • the example script for showing the git branch in the list view bar now outputs an asterisk if the current checkout has some modified files. Also, it avoids using a lock which can interfere with user-started git commands
    • added lzip buttons and filetype
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2021-02-02: Version 4.7.0:

  • new features:
    • the "pattern select" command now has an option to select the best matching pattern from the history or the file ending, or to use the fixed pattern.
    • the directory mode configuration allows to use a custom list view bar content which can also print the output of an external script. There is an example script "" which prints the current git branch name of the current repository (if any).
  • improvements:
    • the command "view newest files" now also supports virtual directory as a base for searching newest files.
    • the progress in the directory compare command now updates the remaining number of files to compare after checksum calculation if that mode is chosen.
    • the main buttons in the button bank now also show a popup help describing the assigned actions when keeping the mouse pointer within that button for some seconds.
  • fixes:
    • several fixes to the directory compare command:
      • fixed crash when comparing regular directories (flattened directories worked).
      • fixed checksum comparison which could result in quadratic runtime.
      • fixed marking directories as same even if the actual content may not be identical (happened when not using flattened directories).
      • if the key for same files was only the file name, the file size was still taken into account.
      • when comparing flattened directories and the checksum is used for comparison, an entry could be shown multiple times for each file of the same checksum on the other side.
      • canceling the compare progress was not always possible.
  • other changes:
    • when entering an initial filter in popup menus, an entry is highlighted matching the filter at the beginning if possible, instead of just the first one containing the filter anywhere within the string.

2020-12-03: Version 4.6.1:

  • fixes:
    • fixed compilation when openssl is not available.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2020-11-28: Version 4.6.0:

  • new features:
    • the directory compare command can now also compare files based on their checksum, or just their file size.
      • depending on the selected mode, files are considered equal on:
        • same file name
        • same file name and file size
        • same file name, file size, and last modification date
        • same file name and file content
        • same file size
        • same file checksum
      • the last two modes can find identical files regardless of their name, while the first four modes only compares files of same name.
  • fixes:
    • fixed issue with command execution of custom file type actions which did not take the actions of the parent file type into account.

2020-08-25: Version 4.5.1:

  • fixes:
    • fix compilation for 32-bit architectures.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2020-08-13: Version 4.5.0:

  • new features:
    • file types can have a priority value. A lower value means a higher priority. When deciding which file type a file is and multiple file types matches, the one with the highest priority wins. This can be useful if a file type checks some generic pattern while other file types uses additional checks to determine the actual type. In this scenario, the generic file type can use a lower priority to not match unless no other file type matches.
  • improvements:
    • the file ending is added to temporary file copies when starting external programs with the flag {t}.
    • the X windows now uses the standard icon property to let the window manager display the icon in the window title bar and elsewhere.
    • when moving files, the initial free space check is skipped if the source and destination directory is on the same device, as moving files will likely not use any additional space.
  • fixes:
    • in text view, the option to show non-printable characters was not correctly working when toggling other options like word wrapping.
    • in text view, the reload button did not always worked.
    • some list views in the configuration window missed keyboard focus support.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2020-04-12: Version 4.4.0:

  • new features:
    • add a help command which toggles a help state and when enabled, a clicked button or pressed key will show all assigned commands for the button or key. If the key is part of a double key, all possible commands are shown. In the default config and in the update config file, a help button is available bound to key F9.
  • improvements:
    • when pressing enter on a file to execute its file type command and the file type has not yet been checked, the file type check is now executed immediately after the currently checked file to speed up reaction time.
  • other changes:
    • key shortcut suggestions in the statebar are removed before executing commands so the regular info line is visible during execution.
    • add example script for creating a virtual dir of all changed files in a git repository. An example button is provided in the when starting the new version.
    • removed unused dependency to dbus-glib-1.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2020-01-26: Version 4.3.0:

  • new features:
    • the file type name can now use the {mimetype} flag which is dynamically replaced by the actual mime type of the file. The default config uses the text string "ukn({mimetype})" so files can still be identified as unknown, but the mime type is visible too.
      • The info line below the list view also shows the verbatim file type description from libmagic (file).
      • The information mode shows the verbatim file type description for every file type.
      • The popup menu for files now also show an entry to create a new file type for unknown files based on the mime type, or to edit the file type of the current entry. The corresponding configuration dialog is opened to make it easier to change the file type configuration.
    • The start prog dialog now stores the command history for the mime type of unknown files in addition to the history of different file types. If the dialog is opened for unknown files, the command for the last file of the same mime type is suggested from the history.
  • improvements:
    • the path jump UI now also highlights non-existing paths in the per filter tab.
    • the bookmark dialog now strikes out non-existing bookmark entries and non-existing bookmarks are ignored when trying to go to that directory.
  • fixes:
    • fix compile issue with clang
    • the info line below the list view is updated even if just the file type changes.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2019-12-23: Version 4.2.0:

  • new features:
    • added a new config section for directory presets for sort and filter settings. This configuration allows to set a list of paths for which custom sort and filter settings are used when those directories are entered.
      • When entering a directory, the longest path is used to determine which sort and filter settings are applied.
      • When a configured directory is leaved, the previous settings are restored.
      • The popup menu inside the directory view has a new sub-menu to store the current sort and filter settings for the current directory and also to directly access the configuration settings.
  • improvements:
    • the path jump UI now only strikes out the path component that does not exists which makes it easier to see if the whole path or just the file no longer exists.
  • other changes:
    • added a new option in "terminal program" configuration to indicate if the chosen terminal program returns early and does not wait for the given command to finish. If set, the temporary files are removed by a wrapper script. This option allows to use terminals like xfce4-terminal or gnome-terminal. It is however not recommended as multiple "own commands" will not wait for each other to finish if they are configured to be executed within a terminal.
    • the color settings configuration section allow to select a light or dark theme which overwrites the current palette and user interface colors. The config needs to be saved and Worker must be restarted to fully take effect.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2019-09-10: Version 4.1.0:

  • new features:
    • the command completion in the start prog action now also stores the used command per file type so the first suggestion is based on the file type instead of the last command used for any file type.
    • the path jump dialog now also shows the list of external programs and their used files in another tab. Both lists are sorted by last access time. This is useful to find files for which the external program is known.
    • the filter submenu in the popup menu now allows to directly enter a custom filter to be enabled.
  • fixes:
    • after deleting/moving a group of files which also included the active element, the new active element could be further away from the group then expected. Now the nearest element is chosen as the new active element.
    • fixed entering a filter in popup menus. Editable entries have not been used for filtering and the next matching entry was not always selected automatically.
  • other changes:
    • changed update of the path db when using the path jump feature so that only the actual file is added instead of both the file and the base directory.
    • the file sizes of the path db files are shown at the cleanup buttons in the path jump window.

2019-08-03: Version 4.0.1:

  • improvements:
    • if the entry ".." is visible it will be highlighted when entering a directory.
  • fixes:
    • fix possible crash when the buffer for the scroll bar could not be allocated. It happened during startup when the width of the scroll bar is larger than default but it could also happen afterwards when resizing the window.
  • other changes:
    • when evaluating internal commands with the ScriptOp, the current directory is no longer written to the path jump db.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2019-06-23: Version 4.0.0:

  • new features:
    • path jump:
      • the path jump dialog now has a second tab showing the last accesses by any given filter string. This makes it easier and faster to access files and directories which has been accessed previously by a specific filter string.
      • the command to open the path jump window can be configured to start in any of the both tabs.
      • improved startup performance of the path jump dialog for large path databases.
      • removing unused elements from the path jump db is more flexible. Now it can remove all non-existing entries within a selected base directory and also based on the last usage.
      • the non-existing listed elements are striked out to easier skip those elements. Also, jumping to non-existing entries is disabled now.
    • list view scrolling: when shift is pressed the scrolling is applied to the inactive list view as well.
    • the scroll bar for the file list views will highlight the areas of selected files in the non-visible part to make it easier to spot selected files.
    • A new list view column is available to show the file extension.
    • The configuration menu to add commands to buttons, hotkeys, and file types now directly allow to select registered commands via scripting. This makes some existing commands obsolete which have been removed.
  • fixes:
    • when updating internal state files (like for previously accessed bookmarks etc), write errors are now handled correctly to keep the previous state file instead of starting with an empty one again.
    • font changes did not immediately updated the breadcrumb button sizes.
    • the text viewer now uses the size of uncompressed files when asking for loading large files.
    • fixed crash on 32-bit architectures due to stack corruption.
  • other changes:
    • the list view configuration dialog has been cleaned up to contain settings in separate tabs for sorting, filtering, and generic settings. Also, the tabs title and individual options show the indicator character used in the list view bar to give hint about how each setting is shown.
    • the button to configure the list view mode ("O") has been moved to the top list view bar and it also uses a small icon instead of the "O".
    • the buttons for opening a new tab and closing an existing one uses a small icon instead of the character "N" and "X".
    • when the context menu is opened with the "Open context menu" command, it is opened at the position of the row instead of the middle of the list view.
    • the catalog file for commands have been merged with the main file.
    • C++14 is now required for compilation.

2019-01-28: Version 3.15.4:

  • fixes:
    • fixed compile issue on architectures with char being unsigned by default.
  • other changes:
    • improved performance of the text viewer with word wrapping enabled for very long lines without any space.

2019-01-09: Version 3.15.3:

  • fixes:
    • fixed drag'N'drop not working with utf8 file names.
  • other changes:
    • add example script for adding all untracked files in a git repository into a virtual directory. Also fixed example script for modified git files to work in sub-directories.
    • change image mode script for ImageMagick to convert to png on the flight to avoid lockup when showing animated gif files.

2018-08-28: Version 3.15.2:

  • fixes:
    • fixed drag'N'drop not working with some programs

2018-05-16: Version 3.15.1:

  • fixes:
    • fixed use of uninitialized variable in copy with the option to preserve the directory structure enabled. This bug could result in inconsistent view of the virtual directory content.
    • fixed compiler warning about use of C++14 feature.
  • other changes:
    • case insensitive sort of file names has been improved to create a stable sort order and to correctly restore file selection state on reload.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2018-01-22: Version 3.15.0:

  • new features:
    • the command menu now also list all regular commands including interactive variants (commands which can be configured to query parameters before actual execution). This allows to access commands that are not assigned to any button or hotkey.
    • the copy command can now optionally preserve the directory structure when copying entries from virtual directories. For example, if a virtual directory contains the elements a/foo and b/bar and the target directory is /c, with this option enabled both files will be copied to /c/a/foo and /c/b/bar respectively instead of just /c/foo and /c/bar. The intermediate directories "a" and "b" are created if necessary.
    • tabs can now be locked so they cannot be closed. Right-clicking on a tab opens a menu allowing to toggle the lock state and the "modify tabs" command can also be used to toggle the state.
    • tabs can be reordered by selecting the move option in the menu or the "modify tabs" command.
    • there is a new command "open tab menu" which opens the tab menu for the current tab.
  • other changes:
    • files added to a virtual directory by the "external virtual dir" command are now normalized so that "." and ".." are no longer within the paths.
    • added another example script for the "external virtual dir" command to list all files matching a given checksum in a virtual directory. The corresponding button is available as a config update.
    • mouse selection in text view now works better when mouse is moved to the beginning or end of the visible text.
    • in text view window Ctrl-a will select all text.
    • double-clicking in the text view will select the word under the mouse pointer.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2017-12-08: Version 3.14.0:

  • new features:
    • added new command "external virtual dir". The output of an external program is used to create a virtual directory, each output line being on entry in the virtual directory. An example button uses a simple script to output all modified files in a git repository so that those files are shown in a new tab as a virtual directory.
    • the font of the state bar can be configured individually instead of using the global font.
    • added new registered command "flatten_dir_follow_symlinks" which will create a flattened directory view just like the regular command "flatten_dir" but it will follow symlinks to directories.
  • fixes:
    • fixed compiler warning on BSDs
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2017-11-14: Version 3.13.0:

  • new features:
  • fixes:
    • fixed text drawing of very long lines with XFT. Usually happened for the text view with line length of multiple thousands of characters where the text width was not calculated correctly.

2017-09-12: Version 3.12.0:

  • new features:
    • added new command "compare directories". This command allows to compare the active and inactive panel based on file size, modification time, or file content. The result is either applied as selection state, or as a new virtual directory containing the equal entries in one side and the unequal entries in the other side. Get more info here:
  • fixes:
    • when updating the current directory, keep the inotify watch so changes are not missed anymore
    • when reloading a directory, the file type of files with a changed file size is reset if it was not detected previously.
    • fix some compiler warnings
  • other changes:
    • the number of hidden files and directories are now shown in the state bar.

2017-07-19: Version 3.11.0:

  • new features:
    • improved DND support to use XDND protocol used by pretty much all current environments. DND is still started a little bit unusual by selecting an entry and right-clicking the mouse. To abort a drop, press the Escape key (instead of right-clicking again). Also, only a single entry can be dropped out of Worker. When dropping entries into Worker, a new tab is opened with all local files added to a virtual directory. No actual copy is done but of course those files can be copied as usual within Worker.
  • fixes:
    • fix some compiler warnings
  • other changes:
    • use infinite timeout when unmounting devices
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2017-06-09: Version 3.10.0:

  • new features:
    • the context menu now has an additional submenu for changing file filters. It is possible to remove active filters, or adding a filter based on the file ending of the current file. Also, the history of the filter select command and the set filter command is used to provide matching patterns for additional filters. Get more info here:
    • there is now a reload button in the file viewer.
    • the file viewer now converts non-printable characters to a dot or a hexadecimal representation. The replacement variant can be selected within the file viewer window. When selecting text with the mouse, the unmodified original data is copied into the clipboard in any case.
    • there is a new button in the file viewer to show the currently viewed file in the main list view.
  • fixes:
    • the main window will be correctly updated if the window has been resized during blocked command execution.
  • other changes:
    • added appdata xml file
    • the copy command now does not try to move directories (in move mode) if the option to adjust symlinks is selected. Instead it will work in copy & delete mode (like when moving between different devices).
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2017-04-18: Version 3.9.0:

  • new features:
    • the command menu now can show only the recently used commands to allow faster access to often used commands. The example config (and the config update) binds this to Shift-F1.
  • fixes:
    • the copy option to adjust relative symlinks had no effect if symlinks have been moved within the same device. Now it will be recreated with the adjusted target as intended.
  • other changes:
    • the file type for unknown files now uses xdg-open as default action in the default config.
    • the pathjump filtering is now much faster by filtering asynchronously. If filtering is still ongoing, the filter string is appended by "…".
    • in the path jump window, pressing "Shift-Cursor right" will directly select the right most path component for fast access to actual files.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2017-01-07: Version 3.8.5:

  • fixes:
    • fix check for support of utf8 in current locale. It could happen that UTF8 support has been disabled on runtime even though UTF8 was actually available.
    • fix entry filtering in path jump when only sub-directories are shown. It had included directories which started with the same name as the currently selected.
    • fix compilation on NetBSD
  • other changes:
    • improved saving and restoring main window position and size on exit and restart. It will now remember maximized state and also the position on multiple screens.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2016-09-17: Version 3.8.4:

  • new features:
    • add new command "View newest files" to list all files that have been modified at the day as the newest file in the current directory. The result can be panelized to continue working with those files. This is helpful to catch up work from the previous day or more far away in the past.
  • other changes:
    • improved writing persistent path database so the new file becomes valid only when it has been written completely.

2016-04-24: Version 3.8.3:

  • fixes:
    • fix possible crashes in out-of-memory situations when using some X functions.
  • other changes:
    • when replacing flags for command execution (and similar uses), both the file and its directory have been stored in the persistent path database. Now only the file is stored so that only the access probability of the file increases.
    • improved symlink handling when calculating relative symlinks. Worker now uses the shorter path for either the target or the realpath of the target. This has effect for symlinks stored in locations with symlinked directories.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2016-02-01: Version 3.8.2:

  • new features:
    • the path jump dialog allows to filter for entries newer than a given time period.
    • add support for quick filtering the list view for modification or file access time. The keywords are timemod (or tm) and timeaccess (or ta) for the filter expression. You can use absolute times, for example: (tm>=2015-12-31) or relative times, for example: (tm>=1d). For absolute times, greater means younger than the date, for relative times it means older than the the given time span from now. Get more info here:
  • fixes:
    • the cleanup of the persistent path jump database works again and is also much faster.
    • in the path jump window, the button for ignoring the last access time now actually works (the keyboard shortcut was already working).
  • other changes:
    • the path jump database will now be updated for copy and move operations to find files even if they are moved.
    • the persistent path jump database uses a lock file to avoid concurrent write access from multiple Worker instances.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2015-10-10: Version 3.8.1:

  • new features:
    • the internal text view got a new search line which also shows the line of the current match (if any). Also, it is now possible to search backwards, or to restart the search from the top of the document. There are also some tooltips showing the keyboard shortcuts. The text view window will no longer close when escape is pressed, as escape can be used to deactivate the search text field.
    • added case-insensitive sort mode which can be configured in the general settings.
    • the command bound to a button is shown when the button clicked while the Control key is pressed.
  • fixes:
    • fixed sorting in path jump UI, initial view was not sorted by last access.
  • other changes:
    • the internal file viewer will no longer close the window when escape is pressed.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2015-07-18: Version 3.8.0:

  • new features:
    • added new command "change columns" to change the visible columns used in the active list view. The configuration is the same as for the global list view settings. Running the command twice, i.e. applying the same column set again, will switch back to global settings. This command can be used for example to use two different views, one only few columns, and a second for a more detailed view.
    • a comma separated list of patterns may be used now for file type name check. There is a new option in the file type configuration to enable this feature.
    • the context menu for file type actions will show the command to be executed in the state bar
  • fixes:
    • fixed crash in internal view when it is called with no element
  • other changes:
    • changed filter in command menu is only applied if the result view will not be empty
    • added configuration option for the volume manager to prefer udisks version 1 or 2
    • the delete dialog shows an additional warning if there are entries selected for deletion that are not visible
    • added tooltips for some buttons in the main window to make it easier for new users to find out the meaning of the buttons

2015-06-05: Version 3.7.1:

  • new features:
    • added support for udisks2
    • the path jump database now also stores the last access time and sorts the suggestions when filtering based on that time
    • the path jump window also allows to hide non-existing entries, and optionally remove them from the persistent database as well
  • fixes:
    • fixed crash when starting some commands on empty list views (reported by Anindya Mukherjee)
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2015-05-08: Version 3.7.0:

  • new features:
    • added new command "change time" to change the modification and last access time of files and directories.
    • the copy operation has a new option to adjust relative symlinks. The feature has three possible values.
      • The default value will never adjust symlinks, i.e. Worker will use the symlink target as is.
      • The second value allows to adjust symlinks pointing to a file outside of the copy directory so that the new symlink still points to the same file. With this option, symlinks pointing inside the copy directory remain unchanged, other symlinks pointing outside the copy directory will be modified to point to the original file.
      • The third value will adjust all relative symlinks to point to the original files.
    • the copy operation also has a new option to ensure special file permissions.
      • it is possible to set user read and write permissions on all files copied.
      • additionally, read permissions for the group or all users can be added to file permissions.
      • this is especially useful when copying files from read-only devices (such as dvd roms) so that the files will get write permissions again.
    • the change symlink command got some new features:
      • the command can be configured to make symlink absolute or relative (or just editing them as before).
      • the edit dialog contains a new button to switch the current symlink text from absolute to relative location and vice versa.
    • the registered command "selectentry" now supports an optional argument to set the number of entries to select, and the direction. Positive numbers will select the corresponding number of elements starting and following the current elements, while negative numbers select the previous elements. The strings "pageup", "pagedown", "p", "-p" can also be used to select a whole page of entries. The example config and the config updates contain example usages bound to Shift+PageUp/PageDown/CursorUp/CursorDown.
    • added ignore case option to the file type check based on libmagic.
  • fixes:
    • fixes text selection in text view when it is scrolled horizontally
  • other changes:
    • create symlink now uses the real path of the destination when generating a relative symlink. This avoids creating invalid symlinks.
    • the copy operation shows the failed command additionally to the error message to make it easier to understand the error.
    • the list view header line now indicates the current sort order.
    • the text viewer now uses the size of a symlink target for file size check.
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
    • updated Russian translation

2015-03-21: Version 3.6.2:

  • fixes:
    • the flatten_dir command now also works for virtual directories
    • some inotify events are skipped to avoid unnecessary directory updates (especially on BSD systems because of different descriptor enumeration)
  • other changes:
    • improved performance of pathjump UI when filtering the entries
    • added more lua versions as supported versions in configure script
    • improved configure script to give more hints about missing packages for certain features
    • added configure check for libinotify
    • the file name of the viewed file is now also shown in window title
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2015-02-14: Version 3.6.1:

  • new features:
    • added general setting to use extended regular expressions instead of basic regular expressions
    • the label popup menu now remembers the last selected item and highlights it for the following usages, unless the menu is closed without selected any item
    • added option to "Open context menu" command to highlight the first user action in the menu when opening it. It makes accessing those user actions faster with the keyboard.
  • fixes:
    • some compilation fixes for clang compiler
    • fixed a visual glitch in the move operation which always tries to scroll the list view to show the current file being moved. In some cases, the list view was scrolled to the wrong position so the current element moved was not on top of the list view.
  • other changes:
    • if the expression for filtering list view content contains a file type check and a file type is not yet checked for a given file, the expression is now always true. Also, when file type check is completed, the view is updated to reflect the actual file types. For example, if the directory is updated with file type reset option, previously the filter matched nothing. Now the type check matches always, and only at the end of the type detection, the filter is re-evaluated.
    • the rename dialog now converts invalid file names (according to the current encoding) into valid ones, stripping invalid characters. This helps for renaming latin1 based file names in an utf8 environment. Accordingly, the change symlink dialog does the same for the link target.
    • added workaround code to free XLI resources in the show image mode. This avoids leaking X resources everytime the mode is turned off again.
    • added configure support for clang
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2015-01-08: Version 3.6.0:

  • new features:
    • improved list view (temporary) filtering by supporting more complex expressions.
      • If the first character of the entered filter string starts with a "(", the string is evaluated as a boolean expression. This allows to combine checks for name, file type, size, and selection state. This is an example: "((n~foo|n=bar)&s>10m)" which means the name is either exactly "bar" or contains the characters "f", "o", and "o" and the size is larger than 10 megabytes.
      • More documentation can be found here:
      • There is some interactive help shown in the statebar about how the expression should be continued. All possible alternatives at the end of the current string are shown after waiting one second.
    • added registered command "vdir_from_selected" which creates a new virtual directory containing all selected entries from the current directory (be it a real one or already a virtual one). The default config contains a corresponding button to activate this command, updating Worker from an older version will ask to import that button.
    • added registered command "vdir_add_selected_from_other_side" which adds all selected entries from the inactive panel to the current virtual directory. If the current directory is not virtual, a new virtual directory will be created. The default config contains a corresponding button to activate this command, updating Worker from an older version will ask to import that button.
    • when activating the search entry mode two times without entering anything in between (usually by just pressing Ctrl-s twice), the previously used filter string is inserted. This is useful to re-apply a filter to the same or different directory, or to refine a filter (like the new expression based filter).
    • added on-demand file type check for not yet known entries when double clicking/pressing enter on an entry or trying to open the context menu. With a lot of files, it may take some time until the active entry is actually checked, so this change helps speeding up the handling of such files.
  • fixes:
    • fixed possible deadlock in subprocess handling when executing external commands. In some cases Worker was still waiting for the end of a command even it the executed program exited already.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2014-11-08: Version 3.5.2:

  • new features:
    • added new configuration options (in initial directory section) to store and restore tabs. If enabled, Worker stores the opened directories and restores the tabs in the next session. It can be automatically or by asking interactively. There are also command line arguments to force the behavior.
  • fixes:
    • fixed window layout when changing layout styles. Some GUI elements were not resized correctly.
    • fixed saving the configuration if the .worker directory is a symlink to another directory containing the configuration files.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation

2014-10-02: Version 3.5.1:

  • new features:
    • the startprog command now also allows to use the flags from the own command to be replaced with the selected files etc. It is now possible to enter commands like "ls -l {a}". As a side effect, the string protection rules changed, so that backslashes need to be entered as double backslashes and the characters { and } need to be protected with a backslash if they are supposed to be part of the final command string. As before, the default file name is still protected to be usefull with modifications.
    • added additional GUI face definition for popup menus: "popup-bg", "popup-fg", and "popup-submenu-arrow"
  • other changes:
    • if copy is started while the inactive panel is not the directory mode, the dialog asking for the directory now allows to skip this dialog as long the path is still the same as the one accepted in the last dialog.
    • some changes to make it compile with gcc 4.6 again

2014-08-16: Version 3.5.0:

  • new features:
    • added system to modify the colors of the GUI elements by using so-called faces. The colors of general GUI elements can be configured by modifying the faces values in the configuration of the UI. The Worker specific UI elements can still be configured separately as before.
    • added info line below list view to show additional information regarding the current entry. The content of this line is configurable in the directory mode configuration. It can be either a string with special flags replaced by file name, file size, symlink destination, etc. Or, if LUA is available, the string can be evaluated with LUA for complete programmable content. The line can be disabled.
  • other changes:
    • improved the persistent path jump database to update the data base file in a background thread. This significantly increases the performance if the option to store all used files is enabled and a large number of files is used for executing an external program.
    • directories are now updated when switching tabs
    • the breadcrumb path is now stored separately for each tab
    • if copy is started while the inactive panel is not the directory mode, the directory previously shown is used as default value for the target dialog.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation (Thanks to Serg Markov)

2014-06-09: Version 3.4.1:

  • new features:
    • added breadcrumb navigation line to quickly change directories. It can be disabled in the configuration of the directory mode.
    • the copy window of background copy operations remains opened after finish. There is a new checkbox to select this behavior (keep or close the copy window).
  • fixes:
    • search mode is no longer activated on key press if that key is part of a double shortkey.
    • fixed memory leak in text view mode (text GUI elements have not been removed properly when switching mode off).
  • other changes:
    • it is now possible again to show the ".." entry in the list view. There is a configuration option in the corresponding configuration of the directory mode. It is a fake element that does not show the file system values of the real ".." entry of a directory.
    • skip remaining space check for copy if total space is zero (in case this information is invalid)
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation (Thanks to Serg Markov)

2014-05-01: Version 3.4.0:

  • new features:
    • copy operations can be put into background so Worker can be used normally while copying
    • added configuration option to place the path field on top of the list view (in list view settings)
    • added some keyboard shortcuts to the text field (Ctrl-x/c/v for cut/copy/paste, Meta-f/b for next/prev word)
    • added new registered command "go_to_previous_dir" which jumps to through the cache of directories. In the default configuration, the key Backspace is bound to this command.
    • added option to path jump feature to always stored files in the database which are used for commands
  • fixes:
    • clicking into the path field activates the corresponding list view again
  • other changes:
    • improved internal database of often used commands in the command menu so support entries with the same name but different commands assigned to it (like two "status" buttons for svn and git)
    • warn if more than 100% of a file has been copied (due to file size changes during copy)
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)

2014-03-06: Version 3.3.3:

  • new features:
    • added new registered command "flatten_dir" to show all files in all sub-directories in a flat view (as a virtual directory). This is a shortcut for searching for all files and then panelizing the results. A corresponding button is available as an update (Worker asks after first start to add this button).
    • in ScriptOp command configuration, the eval_command section now shows all registered commands to choose from.
    • unified xliwrapper and displaywrapper script to choose the best available viewer for the show image mode.
    • the filterselect/unselect command now selects the best matching previous filter based on the file currently active. If none is found, the file extension of the current file is used for the default value.
    • the path jump now also stores the file used after jumping to a directory to make accessing often used files much faster.
    • added isBrokenSymlink() function to the extended file type test, allowing to match such symlinks and set custom actions or colors. A corresponding file type is available as an update (Worker asks after first start to add this type).
  • fixes:
    • implemented workaround for keyboard focus loss with some XIM servers. Worker should identify stuck keyboard and asks to enable workaround.
    • path text field will be restored to correct previous value if Escape has been pressed.
    • fixed bug in search entry function which jump to the next entry even if another window is actually opened.
  • other changes:
    • mentioned all important files in .worker configuration directory.
    • search window title now contains the path and pattern for the search currently shown.
    • it is now possible to select multiple file types in the configuration to delete them all together.
    • the command history in the start prog interface now does not store the command if it starts with a space.

2014-01-20: Version 3.3.0:

  • new features:
    • several path jump improvements:
      • it is possible to hold the currently visible entries and reset the filter. This allows to refine a search with a new filter.
      • holding entries is also possible depending on the match class (best matches only, second best matches also, and so on).
      • a separate list view shows the number of matches for each class and the corresponding key to hold those entries (Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-9).
      • Ctrl-0 will release the held entries.
      • it is now also possible the show the path jump matches in the list view as a virtual directory (panelize button).
    • the command menu now also temporarily highlights the button which corresponds to the current entry in the menu.
    • the start prog interface now supports command completion based on the commands previously used. The best match will be suggested directly, others are available for selection with cursor up/down. Completion can be disabled by changing the cursor position.
    • the behavior of parent dir/enter active dir (left and right cursor keys) have been improved for virtual dirs. With the right key, the virtual dir is refined to only contain those entries that have the same base directory as the current one. The left key will search the cache for best matching parent virtual dir. This allows for better browsing of virtual directories.
  • fixes:
    • when activating the entry search with a key press, the pressed key is now correctly used for the initial character. Also, the characters are matched from the beginning, not inside, by default (no implicit * at the beginning).
  • other changes:
    • the old directory mode has been removed. The list view bar on top of the list view shows whether a real directory or a virtual one is shown.
    • improved window placement so some windows are not created at a fixed position (top left) (depending on the window manager placement strategy).
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
    • updated Russian translation (Thanks to Serg Markov)

2013-12-16: Version 3.2.1:

  • new features:
    • command menu shows also the assigned shortkey if available
    • the search entry can be activated without ctrl-s by pressing a key. The feature can be disabled in the configuration of the virtual dir mode.
    • if the search windows is opened from a virtual directory, it searches only those entries
    • added new entries to the command menu to
      • switch list modes
      • open list mode configuration
      • access registered commands
    • search entry in list mode now highlights the matching characters temporarily
    • bookmark dialog and path jump dialog also highlights matching characters when applying a filter
  • fixes:
    • fixed copy time estimation when renaming files
    • jumping to next matching entry with ctrl-s works now also for flexible matching
    • command menu is updated after reconfiguration
    • file type recognition on content did not work for empty directories even after reload
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)

2013-11-18: Version 3.2.0:

  • new features:
    • added command menu to access menus, buttons, hotkeys with keyboard. There is a new command called "command menu" which opens a window showing all registered commands and menus. It is possible to select an entry with the cursor keys or by entering a filter string.
    • added a filter in the "start prog" dialog in the tab for handling as a specific file type.
    • the list view bar shows a text while reading a directory to give better visual feedback about the state.
    • added an update feature to import new configuration items to an existing configuration when starting a newer version. Worker will ask to import new hotkeys, buttons, and filetypes. It's possible to modify the items to import or skip this update.
    • added file type option to use the MIME description from libmagic instead of the plain text description.
  • fixes:
    • fixed pattern rename script to work with virtual directories.
    • the move operation in the virtual dir mode now correctly highlights the entry currently moved.
    • the directory size command in the virtual dir mode now updates the entries correctly during calculation.
    • delete in virtual dir mode now removes the deleted entries during the operation, not just at the end.
    • fixed external command execution if the tmp directory is mounted with NOEXEC option.
    • virtual dir mode ignored the list of directories to ignore for content check for file types
  • other changes:
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation (Thanks to Serg Markov)

2013-10-06: Version 3.1.0:

  • new features:
    • all commands now also works within the new virtual dir mode (introduced in Worker 3.0.0)
    • configuration of the virtual dir mode is now possible
    • filters are also working
    • the virtual dir mode is now the default mode but the old directory mode is still available
    • added option to file search to only match files (new default) or also directories (has been the default value in the past)
    • panelize feature in search UI and changing list view to show match can now be activated with key F2 and F1 respectively
  • fixes:
    • the volume manager sometimes did not report new devices (optical discs)
    • skipping symlinks in copy did reduced the total number of bytes remaining incorrectly
  • other changes:
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2013-06-24: Version 3.0.0:

  • new features:
    • add new list view mode "virtual dir mode" which is able to show so called virtual directories. Those directories may contain entries from different actual directories. This mode is used to panelize search results. Limited features from the main directory mode is available but it is planned to eventually replace the normal directory mode. The following features are available:
      • browse regular directories
      • tabs
      • directory cache
      • context menu
      • bookmarks
      • filetype recognition
      • executing external programs
    • a C++11 compatible compiler is required now. Not all features must be supported though. For GCC, it must be version 4.6 at least.
    • the configuration dialog for the list view modes has been changed to make the usage easier. This can be accessed by right-clicking on the list view bar or calling the command "file lister settings" (bound to Ctrl-F1/F2)
  • fixes:
    • copy & paste of UTF8 strings works now correctly
    • disabled fast copy mode. If files are moved in fast copy mode to a different device (i.e. files are copied and deleted afterwards), already freed memory is accessed. This could lead to crashes, or incomplete removal of correctly copied files, or deletion of wrong files (even though this is very unlikely ). Bug existed at least since version 2.0.0 so this mode was probably never used and will be removed.
  • other changes:
    • XFT is now enabled by default
    • configurations in old binary format (Worker 1 and early Worker 2 version) can no longer be loaded.
    • set the X window type for dialogs to improve handling in some window managers.
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Russian translation (Thanks to Serg Markov)

2012-11-22: Version 2.19.6:

  • other changes:
    • reload due to inotify event does not deactivate the search entry mode
    • in the text view, pressing Enter or n will search for next match even if the text field is not active
    • path jump also shows other matching entries even there are some perfect matches
    • some improvements were made to the default config (cleanups for file types, buttons; new buttons for volume manager and path jump; default fonts)

2012-09-04: Version 2.19.5:

  • new features:
    • added evaluate command in ScriptOp command which makes it easier to add new commands
    • added "recenter_top_bottom" command which centers the current entry (or put it on top or bottom of the list view). It's bound to "C-l C-l" in the default configuration.
    • improved entry search mode: pressing / will enter the directory of the current entry which keeping the search enabled. The first entry of the entered directory will be highlighted to make browsing faster. Backspace in an empty search will go to the parent directory.
    • added directory watching with inotify. In case of changes, the directory will be automatically reloaded. This behavior can be disabled in the file lister configuration.
    • added button next to the path field to directly access file lister configuration.
    • file copy offers a retry option in case of errors (due to out of space or other errors).
    • file copy asks to continue if the free space on the target directory is less than the sum of the bytes to copy.
    • added slider to button banks to visualize the currently displayed bank.
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)

2012-07-05: Version 2.19.4:

  • new features:
    • hints about Worker features and key shortcuts are shown in the clockbar. The feature can be disabled in the clockbar configuration.
    • it is now possible to filter commands in the configuration of buttons, file types, and hotkeys.
  • fixes:
    • the remaining time for copying files based on the current transfer rate showed wrong values when the overwrite dialog was visible.
    • improved text pasting into QT applications (and possibly other environments too).
  • other changes:
    • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
    • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)

2012-06-15: Version 2.19.3:

new features:

  • added xinerama support for windows which try to be as large as possible.
  • the path jump UI has been improved to allow to only show sub- directories of the currently selected entry and path component. It makes navigation easier if many entries exist.
  • the path jump UI supports removing non-existing entries from the persistent list of visited directories.
  • text can now be selected with the mouse in the internal text viewer, the string will be copied into the clipboard.


  • the path text area is not cleared when just pressing a key for jumping to the next entry beginning with that character.

2012-03-29: Version 2.19.2:

new features:

  • it's now possible to enter (or paste) full file names into the path text field. Worker will change to that directory and highlight the file.
  • added command "copy string to clipboard" which copies an arbitrary string into the clipboard for pasting that into other applications. Regular flag replacement will be done so it's possible to copy the file into the clipboard. The root file type in the default config contains an example action for this.
  • added persistent store for the path jump command which stores all visited directories. All running Worker instances share this database. The feature must be enabled explicitly by setting a list of directories which are allowed to be tracked.
  • improved the matching algorithm in the path jump command to favor matching entries with less non-matching characters. A quality value is shown to make it easier to identify the wanted entry.
  • the path jump command now also can show all entries known to the database. By default only the paths visited in the current session are shown. The other entries are all bookmarks and all entries from the persistent path store.


  • fixed date replacement strings for the time columns to correctly work with utf8 strings (the replacement for "today", "tomorrow", and "yesterday")

2012-02-19: Version 2.19.1:


  • fixed memory leak and large cpu usage in the dbus code for udisks.

2012-01-31: Version 2.19.0:

new features:

  • context menus (and double click commands) now can access all selected entries instead of just the clicked one. All flags for external commands can be used now but there is one difference to regular call (via buttons or hotkeys): the flag for first selected entry will be the highlighted entry (double clicked or selected with context menu).
  • added support for using udisks instead of HAL in the volume manager. Only simple stuff like mounting, unmounting, ejecting devices, but no authentication support.
  • added new command "path jump" to quickly access already visited path by using type-ahead filter and breadcrumb-like navigation. In the default configuration the command is mapped to the key "/". When started, it shows all visited directories. Parent directory are merged with deeper directories so only the longest path is used. All path components can be selected with left or right keys. Also, it is possible to enter a filter so only those entries are shown which match (either by the complete string or by using flexible matching). The path component matching the filter will be highlighted for direct use. For example, if /c and /a/b/c has been visited, the dialog will show both directories. If "c" is entered, still both are visible but if "ac" is entered, only /a/b/c is visible and the last path component "/c" will be highlighted. If "ab" is entered, /a/b/c will still be visible but /b will be highlighted. If a filter is entered but no entry matches, then a matching bookmark entry will be shown instead making it easy to access bookmarks as well with the same dialog.


  • fixed memory leak in the experimental XFT support
  • fixed saving a configuration if no other configuration file exists

other changes:

  • added second prediction for end of copy time based on the current rate (rather than the average rate).
  • changed the default config to use a common root file type to make global file type configuration easier.
  • when adding bookmarks with the label context menu, directories no longer use the "use parent directory" flag.
  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
  • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
  • updated Russian translation and Ukrainian translation (Thanks to Serg Markov and Pavlo Greenberg)

2011-09-30: Version 2.18.1:

new features:

  • the own command now creates temporary copies of virtual files for all flags (like {t}). The advantage is that external programs can access file in archives, remote sites and so on but changes are not copied back. This behavior can be disabled for each own command separately.
  • temporary files will deleted after the external program exits. This is important for programs ran in background so temporary copies live as long as the program using them.
  • when creating temporary files, a progress is shown in the state bar when it takes longer to copy it from the virtual file
  • the volume manager now also has keyboard shortcuts for open and close ('o' and 'c')
  • the search dialog now allows to jump to the selected entry but keeping the search window opened. This can be done by right-clicking the corresponding button in the window.


  • the status information hasn't been refreshed correctly when the search finished
  • fixed an endless loop in the tab completion with disabled utf8 support

other changes:

  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
  • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
  • updated Russian translation and Ukrainian translation (Thanks to Pavlo Greenberg)

2011-07-15: Version 2.18.0:

new features:

  • the search dialog is now also asynchronous. That means that the window can remain opened and new windows can also be opened for different searches. The window share the same stored results but results currently shown in a search window cannot be accessed by a different window.
  • the search UI has been improved to better handle large number of results (faster update)


  • closing the configuration no longer resets custom column widths
  • the active entry in the search window now stays at the highlighted line when removing entries
  • fixed display bug in text view when a selection is at the end of a line and word wrapping is enabled.

other changes:

  • removing a search result does no longer remove all results for the same file but will only remove the entry for the corresponding line number

2011-06-02: Version 2.17.13:


  • fixed bug in directory reload which prevented attributes from the directory cached to be restored (if version string compare is enabled)

other changes:

  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2011-05-27: Version 2.17.12:

new features:

  • improved searching entries in list view. Flexible matching is used if the pattern doesn't match directly. In this mode, any entered character must be found in the same order but there may be any other characters between them. For example, entering "abc" would also match on "xaybzc" but not on "xayczb" since the former contains abc in the same order but not the latter. There is a new option in the search entry command to disable this behavior (it is enabled by default). If flexible matching is used, the list view bar will show a leading ~ before the actual string.
  • The entry search now also shows completions which can be completed by hitting the TAB key.
  • added a global option (in the general settings) to use strverscmp (if available on the system). The option is enabled by default. The name sort will respect numbers inside file names. For example, foo10 is sorted after foo2 which was previously not the case.
  • added a new command to switch the button bank

other changes:

  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
  • updated Russian translation and Ukrainian translation (Thanks to Pavlo Greenberg)

2011-03-17: Version 2.17.11:

new features:

  • added new list view mode for quick viewing text files.
  • the text view will now read more of the shown file when the end of the file has been reached.
  • improved search: there is a new limit for searches in archives to prevent endless loops. The default value is 3 so the search stops in archives in archives in archives. But any other limit can be set in the search options. Also, when refining search results, enabling search archives works reliable.
  • The available commands in the configuration for buttons, file types, and hotkeys are now classified into categories to make it easier to find commands.
  • There are new popup menus for the list view tabs.


  • fixed text view scrolling if the slider buttons are used

other changes:

  • Worker will show a short message if an external command exits with an exit code != 0
  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2011-01-30: Version 2.17.10:

new features:

  • the history of patterns used for filter selection are persistent for all worker instances.
  • the list of all shortkeys can be sorted
  • the copy dialog uses human readable representations for the number of bytes (MB/GB/…)


  • when the maximum command line length has been reached for an external command the last file name has been truncated (for example, if {a} is used in an external command). This no longer happens. Now a dialog ask to continue with all files fitting in the command line or completely abort executing the external command.
  • the text selected in a text area hasn't been copied to the X clipboard if Shift+Home/End has been used
  • the AVFS module used for the "ftp connection" command is stored in the configuration as well (AVFS ftp or ucftp module)

other changes:

  • list of activated features has been improved in the about window
  • the maximum command line length has been increased (depending on the actual system). External programs can be used with more arguments which is important for flags like {a}
  • empty menus no longer appear for eject/close tray if no device could be found
  • slightly changed determination of the free space of devices so it gets updated more often.

2010-08-31: Version 2.17.9:

new features:

  • the bookmark manager now stores the number of accesses for each bookmark. When using "find-as-you-type" the entry with most uses is suggested making typical bookmark usage much faster.
  • added configuration option to use a custom font for the file viewer.
  • the file viewer is now asynchronous so a window does not need to be closed to continue. Due to internal limitations the file viewer window may not react in every situation.
  • added support for ejecting devices and closing trays in the volume manager. The list of volumes can also be updated without closing the window. The command to eject or to close the tray can be configured in the volume manager settings in case HAL support is not available.


  • file type recognition based on libmagic now works also on symlinked files.

other changes:

  • updated Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
  • new Ukrainian translation and updated Russian translation (Thanks to Pavlo Greenberg)
  • updated Italian catalog (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)
  • added worker.desktop file for menu entry in DEs (Thanks to Tobias Quathamer)

2010-06-24: Version 2.17.8:


  • fixed possible lockup when starting external programs
  • fixed color for line numbers in text view

other changes:

  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

2010-06-16: Version 2.17.7:

new features:

  • it is now possible to enter new labels in the popup menu.
  • for own command and "start prog" command the output of the external program can be displayed with the internal viewer.
  • added new column to show file sizes in a human readable format (mb,gb,…)
  • the volume manager now also shows the volume label and size (if reported by HAL).


  • new device detection didn't work correctly if hal and fstab entries are mixed.
  • fixed wrong number display with thousands separator that uses more than one byte (utf8).
  • fixed small visual glitch with list view redraw when moving files. If a dialog comes up it was possible that the wrong entry was displayed.

other changes:

  • files which cannot be stat'ed will be visible in the list view now. A dialog will no longer come up.
  • devices hidden in the volume manager will not be reported as new.
  • when opening the bookmark manager a best matching entry will be searched if the currently active entry is not stored as a bookmark.
  • changed method to run external programs which also makes the cygwin workaround flag in the configure script unnecessary.
  • slightly improved determination of free space to reduce update delays.

2010-03-01: Version 2.17.6:

new features:

  • the event handling has been improved so the process does not wake up too often. That might be beneficial for laptop users to save battery power.
  • Worker now opens a dialog when new devices become available to ask what to do with them (mount them, open volume manager or do nothing). There is a new option in the volume manager section to disable this behavior.
  • it is now possible to sort the file list by file permissions
  • the layout configuration has an additional option to apply the list view weight relatively to the active side. That makes it possible to set the current side to 80% of the window width regardless of whether it is the left or right side.
  • there is a new command option –config to choose a different configuration directory.

other changes:

  • HAL support status is shown in about window.
  • improved built-in configuration to be slightly more useful in case no other configuration is found.
  • the button for editing the list of hidden devices in the volume manager has been removed, the dialog can be accessed with the secondary button function of the hide button.


  • improved detection of new devices. Sometimes they were reported multiple times or never (if they have been reconnected).

2009-11-10: Version 2.17.5:

new features:

  • added volume manager to mount and unmount devices
    • devices can be mounted via HAL if available and by traditional fstab mount
    • Worker shows an information in the state bar if a new device becomes available
    • A new command "Volume manager" is available to access the corresponding UI (the hotkey can be downloaded from the add-ons section at the homepage). The default key is Alt+v.
    • Commands used to mount/unmount devices can be configured in a new config section (only required if HAL is not used)

other changes:

  • file list filter is shown in list view bar
  • added configure option –enable-cygwin-workaround so Worker runs without problems on Cygwin
  • updated Italian, Latvian and Czech translation

2009-06-02: Version 2.17.4:

new features:

  • added "change layout" operation to change the main window layout during runtime
  • different weights may be used for the list views
  • added option to the "search entry" operation to match inside file name
  • Worker shows possible keys for double shortkeys in the state bar


  • fixed message about importing special file types, original and new one was swapped
  • fixed bug for label colors, it was possible that a color from an entry in a sub directory was used instead of the correct one

other changes:

  • added Latvian translation (Thanks to Einars Sprugis)
  • changed tab text to only show base name instead of full path
  • added some hotkeys to default configuration for layout changes: Ctrl+l 1 will make left list view wider (80%/20% partitioning) Ctrl+l 2 will make both list views use 100% of the window width
  • added some hotkeys to show current path on the other side in a new tab (Alt+o and Alt+Shift+o)
  • the "go to directory" operation now accepts file names and will highlight the given file in the corresponding directory. There is an example button "go symlink" to follow a symlink to its real destination
  • changed mount/unmount button to give some message if the operation failed

2009-03-12: Version 2.17.3:


  • fixed compilation with gcc 4.3

other changes:

  • updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)
  • updated Polish translation

2009-03-06: Version 2.17.2:

new features:

  • added tabs; All tabs share the same directory cache so if you select some entries in a directory and you enter this directory in a different tab the previous selection is available.
  • added "modify tabs" command; default keys are ctrl+page up/down for previous/next tab and ctrl+t/w for new/close tab

other changes:

  • improved layout configuration
  • made checks for bookmarks and labels faster
  • updated Czech and Slovak translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny and Stanislav Pavlica)

2008-12-18: Version 2.17.1:


  • fixed endless loop in layout function for the GUI which was triggered in version 2.17.0

other changes:

  • bookmark UI tries to use as much space as necessary so no horizontal scrolling is required

2008-11-11: Version 2.17.0:

new features:

  • added more options to find dialog it is possible to set modification time limits and search for given file size
  • files or directories can now be labeled to make it easier to find important or frequently used files
    • Each label may have a specific color which will be used to highlight the corresponding entries. There is a new configuration section for these colors.
    • Parent directories also will be displayed in this color to indicate that there are some labeled entries in this or some sub-directory (though this feature can be disabled in the configuration of the normal file lister)
    • there is a new command to change file labels which can set or remove a given label on the active entry or ask for the label with a popup menu. The same menu is available in the context menu of the selected entry. The example config comes with the hotkey alt+l for keyboard access.
    • all labeled entries are stored as bookmarks so they are available for editing in the bookmark dialog
  • the "set filter" command has been enhanced to allow showing only bookmarked entries or entries with a specific label. That makes finding some bookmarked (or labeled) entry much easier. The command may directly set the given filter without additional interaction or a popup menu may be used to query the filter. The example configuration uses the hotkey ctrl+d for opening the popup.
  • the bookmark dialog has been enhanced to handle the new labels. The current entry in the file list is also highlighted if it is also present in the bookmarks.


  • recursions in worker actions are now limited to not eating up all memory
  • fixed a bug where in some circumstance the file type recognition indicator keeps busy even if there were no files left to identify

other changes:

  • the string filter (activated with ctrl+s) is now not cleared when reloading the same directory

2008-07-03: Version 2.16.5:


  • the default value for the libmagic decompression option was not correctly initialized

2008-07-01: Version 2.16.4:

new features:

  • file type recognition by using libmagic can optionally decompress files


  • adding "run custom action" to command list of a file type opens the configuration just as for the other commands
  • fixed very rare problem when worker waits forever for an external program to exit

other changes:

  • updated Slovak translation (Thanks to Stanislav Pavlica)
  • copy/move/delete operation limits redraw of file list to speedup operation
  • changing symlinks updates the directory afterwards
  • bookmarks are now sorted
  • creating new file types uses colors from parent type as default
  • the content of the text fields in the search UI is not copied to the clipboard when the window is opened

2008-04-17: Version 2.16.3:

new features:

  • the file search can be limited to only search the same device as the base directory
  • added experimental XFT support (enabled with –enable-xft)
  • there is a new filter in the file type configuration for showing only matching file type names in a sorted list
  • added support for libmagic (from "file") so file types can also be recognized by the output of this library
  • added optional alias for bookmarks


  • fixed text search in file viewer; after the last match was found the next search did not started again at the beginning of the document
  • fixed a minor memory leak in configuration parsing if the configuration file contains errors

other changes:

  • the command to calculate the directory sizes can now be aborted by pressing Escape and the window is also redrawn during operation. The directory name currently scanned is limited to fit into the state bar and it will only be updated once per second.
  • improved startup times
  • faster window update for file type updates during recognition

2008-02-11: Version 2.16.2:

new features:

  • added text search in file viewer
    • search can be activated via hotkey '/', Ctrl+f, Ctrl+s or Ctrl+i
    • search is case sensitive for mixed/upper case characters and case insensitive if all characters are lower case
    • regular expressions can also be used
  • added configure settings for colors of text view selection
  • added option (in general settings) to disable saving the worker state on exit
  • added popup menu when clicking on the statebar with right mouse button; menu allows to access 'about', 'configure', 'quit', and to save the current worker state (useful if disabled in configuration via the new option)
  • added command to open the worker menu


  • fixed ftp command to store passwords (if enabled) of different servers
  • fixed file length limit in file viewer to correctly handle files larger than 2GB

other changes:

  • file name in text view and search is shortened to fit into window
  • added double buffering in file viewer to avoid flickering

2007-12-03: Version 2.16.1:

new features:

  • improved chmod to allow adding or removing permissions instead of just only setting them (for example useful for setting the write bit while leaving all other permissions at original value)
  • added type-ahead filter for the context menu for faster access (disabling all entries not matching the filter) (backspace will clear the filter again)


  • the internal file viewer no longer blocks forever when trying to view non regular files like pipes. Worker now tries to read some bytes for only a few seconds.

other changes:

  • improved the speed of the internal file viewer, word wrapping is much faster for large files. As a side effect the initial size with enabled word wrapping is increased to 512 KB
  • the maximal buffer size for the file viewer is limited to 1 GB and the reload key doesn't work anymore if the file is already loaded completely
  • correctly set keyboard focus for popup menus when using the mouse
  • added time out for double short keys
  • updated Italian catalog (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)

2007-11-08: Version 2.16.0:

new features:

  • added context menu for access to actions defined for the corresponding entry The menu is opened with the right mouse button which was previously used for list view scrolling. This action is now activated by shift + right mouse but it can be changed in the section about mouse button configuration
  • added custom file type actions so it's possible to use more than 10 (user) actions and also give them a reasonable name. There is a corresponding command to activate a custom action by name and it can also be selected in the new popup menu
  • added modifier key option in the mouse button configuration so the four mouse actions can be assigned to mouse buttons
  • added command to activate context menu for keyboard use (assigned to Ctrl+Space in default config)


  • fixed compilation with gcc 4.3 (Thanks to Tobias Toedter)
  • for very long file names the text view window was to wide
  • the dialog in text view was set transient for the wrong window (Reported by Sascha Hunold)
  • fixed missing redraw in automatic creation of file content test

other changes:

  • viewing program in own command is hidden if it's not used
  • the dialog for large files in text view can be canceled
  • saving the configuration now only writes non-empty file type actions
  • added Czech translation (Thanks to erno)

2007-06-07: Version 2.15.0:

new features:

  • added directory bookmarks
    • it's possible to add directories and select whether a specific entry will be highlighted when jumping to the bookmark
    • the list of bookmarks can be filtered by entering some characters (Shift-Backspace clears the filter)
    • the list of bookmarks is written back to disc immediately whenever a change occurs so any running Worker will see the new list when opening the bookmark dialog
    • the default key in the example configuration is meta-b (and ctrl-\)


  • fixed some problems in the internal text view with very long text lines It could happen that the word wrapping doesn't work correctly or a line gets overdrawn making it unreadable As a side effect the text view is significantly faster if word wrapping is disabled
  • fixed a minor bug introduced in Worker 2.9.0 many commands just didn't had any effect if they were assigned to drag'n'drop action
  • fixed bug in the configuration of the interval text viewer which prevented the setting of the the viewing mode
  • fixed a small visual glitch when "+" was displayed in the list view bar but no search filter was actually active
  • fixed file choose dialog in configuration export, it wasn't possible to enter a new name

other changes:

  • the command "go to parent dir" now deactivates the search filter instead of actually going to the parent directory
  • since text viewing is much faster now the default buffer size is raised to 2 MB (with enabled word wrapping it's still 64 KB) it is however now possible to increase the buffer on demand by clicking on "Read more" (or pressing "r") in the text view. The text viewer also asks to read the complete file if it's larger than the default buffer size
  • the horizontal scroller in the text view now only takes the visible lines into account
  • the scrollers in the text view no longer uses the background colour of the text view making them more readable
  • updated Italian catalog (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)

2007-03-22: Version 2.14.4:


  • fixed bug introduced in Worker 2.14.3: It was possible that the directory entry ".." was not visible but a phantom entry (from previous directory) was visible at the end of the file list. This can happen when hidden files are not visible and the file system returns the ".." entry in an unusual order. Worker outputs an error msg ("Nr of entries does not match real value!") in this case. (Thanks to Panayotis Papasotiriou for reporting this bug and helping tracking it down)

2007-03-19: Version 2.14.3:

new features:

  • when searching an entry in the list view (with Ctrl-s) the list will be filtered on-the-fly to only show the matching entries. The filter is active until the directory is reloaded or another search is started. The list view bar indicates such a filter by using a "+" character (in contrast to "*" when normal filters are active) This feature can be deactivated in the configuration of the list view mode.
  • ftp command: it's possible to use an anonymous login


  • search: jumping to files containing wildcards characters ([,*…) didn't worked correctly (Reported by Johannes Rosky)
  • fixed a visual bug where it was possible that both sides highlight the active entry

other changes:

  • added Slovak translation (Thanks to Stanislav Pavlica)
  • initial language selection shows now a list of available languages
  • search: the file name field is focused when opening the window
  • search: when the search is finished the number of results is updated correctly in the list of previous searches

2007-01-30: Version 2.14.2:


  • fixed a problem with corrupt directories If the entry ".." occurs several time in a directory listing, some real entries weren't shown in the list view
  • search result "" (just the root dir) was displayed as "/"

other changes:

  • match name in search is now case insensitive by default
  • pressing ctrl+return anywhere in the search window now immediately starts the search
  • text view highlights the line when jumping to a line or viewing a search result (Thanks to Sascha Hunold for a patch)
  • search results now uses list view colors from main list view
  • text view colors are configurable
  • the GUI is more responsive when the search finds a large number of results (Worker was busy fetching the results) (Reported by Sascha Hunold)
  • when saving the configuration, the old file will be renamed to wconfig.bck

2006-11-12: Version 2.14.1:


  • window titles are now correctly set to UTF8 strings if UTF8 is active (Reported by Carsten Hackbusch)

other changes:

  • added Dutch translation (Thanks to Arnold A.Perne)
  • improved directory reload; if the previously active entry is not available anymore, the entry at the previous row will be activated
  • search now also matches directory names (Reported by Sascha Hunold)
  • if a "ScriptOp" operation cannot continue because an external commands outputs errors on stderr, the messages will be shown in the corresponding dialog

2006-09-12: Version 2.14.0:

new features:

  • added search command
  • the internal text viewer is now able to show line numbers and jump to a line (shortcut "l" switches viewing of line numbers)


  • fixed bug in "set filter" command, the option "exclude" was not correctly written to config file
  • the avfs LDFLAGS has not been set correctly so Worker couldn't be compiled in some circumstances (Reported by Piotr Wawrzyniak)
  • fixed bug in Worker configuration in the section about the terminal program. Switching to a different panel didn't work as supposed. (Reported by Sascha Hunold)

other changes:

  • pthread library is now required
  • gcc <3 support is officially removed
  • added Italian man page (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)

2006-07-21: Version 2.13.1:


  • fixed problem in font handling. Worker refused to start if the "fixed" font is not available. Some other fonts will be tried before giving up.
  • fixed bug in file type recognition. The flag "don't check virtual files for content" was ignored in some circumstances.

other changes:

  • added French man page (Thanks to Kamardine Mohamed)
  • updated Italian catalog (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)

2006-06-22: Version 2.13.0:

new features:

  • added utf8 support (can be disabled by configure option)


  • fixed small bug in font configuration which prevented configuring font for right list view (Reported by Panayotis Papasotiriou)
  • fixed thousands separator for utf8 locales (Reported by Emmanuel Proust)

other changes:

  • the copy window update for file progress is limited to 15 updates per second
  • added text area for font configuration to test selected font
  • updated PatternRename script, default action is now preview/quit not rename

2006-05-03: Version 2.12.0:

new features:

  • changed configuration so most options are directly configurable in the main window
  • added Space and Backspace keys in text-view for page scrolling (Thanks to Giulio Canevari for the patch)


  • fixed message string in "Start prog" command to use correct catalog entry

2006-03-06: Version 2.11.2:

new features:

  • internal view now also decompress gzip/bzip2 files before viewing them (even inside archives)
  • internal view doesn't show \r anymore (for DOS files)
  • pressing escape in the delete window now also cancel it immediately


  • fixed window for "deselect filter" action
  • the "$" character in directory names prevented dir entering (Reported by Guilio Canevari)
  • in some circumstances clicking cancel in the copy window was ignored

other changes:

  • removed dependency to libz/libbz2 and libxpkmaster all functionality is replaced by avfs usage
  • removed support for loading of Worker1 config files
  • added iso9660 and 7zip filetype to default config (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)
  • updated french catalog (Thanks again to rno)

2005-12-15: Version 2.11.1:

new features:

  • The "search entry" command can now optionally search backwards
  • It is possible to jump to an entry in the list view by pressing the key matching the first character of the entry (This can be deactivated in the "normal mode" configuration)
  • the mouse actions in the list view can be configured (in the global configuration section) It is possible to swap any mouse button and select an alternative selection method which acts more like common desktop environments
  • mouse pointer changes when moving the mouse over the drag area in the list view headers


  • fixed segfault when the font name in the config file is invalid (Reported by Zhang Weiwu)
  • fixed segfault introduced in version 2.11.0 in the file requester, pressing enter was crashing worker
  • fixed small visual bug in the text area

other changes:

  • added 7zip buttons to the default config and updated italian catalog (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)

2005-10-25: Version 2.11.0:

new features:

  • Worker can now use any font not just fixed width fonts
  • it is now possible to change the width of the list view columns. Drag the end of the header box for a fixed width or double click it for dynamic width


  • fixed bug in internal view When started indirectly (for example when starting show action which contains the internal view command) worker did segfault.
  • fixed small display bug in state bar (KB suffix was inserted at wrong position sometimes)
  • Worker did show negative remaining time in file copy sometimes
  • Worker compiles again with IBM VisualAge compiler (xlC) (Thanks to Igor for report and proposed fixes)
  • Using information mode on ".." entry was forcing to many redraws

other changes:

  • there is a new spanish translation thanks to Victor Alcazar
  • updated example configurations
  • updated license dialog
  • removed nanosleep declaration which was necessary for older Mac OS X releases but prevented compiling on later versions

2005-07-25: Version 2.10.2:

new features:

  • improved "start prog" command It's now possible to handle the file as a different filetype or choose an avfs handler from a list of all possible avfs handlers.
  • double clicking on files with empty double click action list will start the improved "start prog" action
  • the seperator character in file sizes is now inserted every 3 digits no matter how large the number is (previously it was only inserted up to 3 times) (based on a patch from Tobias Toedter)


  • fixed bug in file copy: The return value of the final close() of the destination file wasn't checked which can lead to incomplete files in some circumstances (it occures on nfs devices where a write() to a full device is still successful but the final close() will fail) If you use avfs you also have to update to atleast avfs 0.9.6 as a similar bug was there too

other changes:

  • the xliwrapper program for calling xli from the "image view mode" is now a shell script (Thanks to Tobias Toedter)

2005-06-23: Version 2.10.1:

new features:

  • added internal text view command Currently the first 64 KB of a file will be shown with selectable word wrapping

other changes:

  • improved color palette configuration
  • small GUI improvements (click on choose button text will toggle it)
  • updated italian catalog (Thanks again to Giulio Canevari)
  • updated cd2mp3/ogg/flac/wav script (Thanks again to Giulio Canevari)

2005-04-06: Version 2.10.0:

new features:

  • added virtual file system using AVFS ( Finally it is possible to access archives or files on remote computers. There is some basic introduction in the docs but for more information about the usage you should read the docs of AVFS But the default configuration already contains all filetype definitions needed to access archives. These definitions can also be downloaded from the add-on page for import.
  • virtual files can be excluded from file content test which is set by default (in the "dirs not to check" configuration for filetypes)
  • there is a new option for the "own command" and "start prog" operation which prevents Worker from entering the current directory
  • there is a new flag {t} for a temporary copy of the entry ({f}) to be able to use external programs with virtual files
  • there is a new operation "ftp connection" to access remote ftp sites It is possible to store the password in the configuration but not encrypted!
  • For the "Script" operation and for the extended test for filetypes there is a new function isLocal which can be used to test if the entry is a local or virtual file


  • compilation fix for upcoming gcc4 and a warning on 64bit system (Thanks to Andreas Jochens for the patch)
  • fixed update of free disk space information (update took too long and for symlinks to other partitions it showed the wrong information)
  • environment variables can now really be used for start directory and path entry (reported by Sascha Hunold)
  • fixed visual glitches in the path input line. Worker also restores the content if new path cannot be opened

other changes:

  • temporary files will now be stored in an own directory worker-$USER in the tmp dir ($TMPDIR is now also honored)
  • Worker shows a dialog if entering a directory is not possible
  • updated man page
  • there is a new script "xeditor" which searches for existing editors. This script is used by the default and the editor used can be overridden by the env var WORKER_XEDITOR

2004-12-20: Version 2.9.0:

new features:

  • added filetype hierarchie each filetype can contain subtypes subtypes will be checked if the filetype tests of the parent type matches the current file or the parent type does not use any tests the action of the parent type is used if the action list of the type is empty or the "parent action" command is used The "no operation" command can be used to not execute the commands of the parent type
  • there is now a filetype color configuration it's possible to select custom colors, use the colors of the parent type or even use the output of an external program to select the colors
  • it's now possible to cut and paste filetypes in the configuration


  • fixed bug where under certain circumstances Worker accessed freed pointers when executing actions This bug could appear if actions are used after using "enter dir" or "reload" command
  • a file will only be shown as executable if the user really has the permission to execute it
  • fixed compilation when pthreads is not used
  • extented filetype test honours the "dirs no to check"
  • fixed problem when sometimes filetype gets checked twice

other changes:

  • improved check for identical source and destination file for file copy
  • the own command is now always the first entry in the command selection window
  • in the filecontent configuration for filetypes, the automatic creation now accepts any number of files
  • doubleclick on directories now honours the doubleclick action of the directory type (enter directory is the fallback action if the doubleclick action list is empty) (reported by Raik Lieske)
  • cursor keys can be used in requesters to change the focus element and the enter key can now also be used for any button and not just the first (reported by Loki and others)
  • copying of a corrupt symlink (link destination does not exists) in "follow symlinks" mode now copy the symlink itself instead of showing a error- requester
  • The email address "" will expire soon, new address is ""

2004-07-28: Version 2.8.5:

new features:

  • added more flexible filetype description using conditional expressions it's similar to the if-expression in the script command possible functions are:

    • toNum(…): change string to number toStr(…): change number to string isReg(): test for regular file isSock(): test for socket isFIFO(): test for FIFO (pipe) isSymlink(): test for symlink size(): size of file perm(mask): numerical permission toLower()/toUpper(): change string to lower/upper contentStr(x,y): y Bytes from file content starting at position x contentNum(x,y): like contentStr but interpreted as a number name()/fullname(): file name/full file name
    • the flags {f} and {F} can be also used for the filename inside strings this allows for the use of any external program to determine the filetype (e.g. using the file command)
    • there are the usual operators as "<", ">=" and so on and it is possible to use regular expressions using ~=
    • there is also an more or less extensive help
    • some examples:
      • Test for shell scripts: ( contentStr( 0, 2 ) = "#!" ) && ( contentStr( 2, 10 ) ~ "bin[a-zA-Z]*sh.*" )
      • Test for OctaMED music files: ( toUpper( contentStr( 0, 3 ) ) = "MED" ) || ( toUpper( contentStr( 0, 4 ) ) ~ "MMD[0-9]" )
      • Use "file" for type recognition: ( ${file -b {F}} ~= "ASCII C program text" )
  • there is an extensive help for the pattern configuration


  • fixed copy of non-regular files if "follow symlinks" is used copying symlinks pointing to non-regular files (devices, pipes, …) did not create these special files but only regular files
  • fixed text for move operation in the progress window, now it prints "Move" instead of "Copy"
  • compile fix for gcc 3.4 (reported by Goetz Waschk)
  • compile fix for QNX (reported by Toni Ruza)

other changes:

  • updated italian catalog (Thanks again to Giulio Canevari)

2004-03-17: Version 2.8.4:

new features:

  • the layout of the main window is configurable (in global settings) Select the button and listview orientation and the positions of the elements
  • filetypes: added flag to match the full name (including the path) for pattern matching
  • copy/delete/rename/symlink: highlights entry currently processed
  • configuration: the button banks can be swapped (suggested by Harlock and Jan Windischmann)


  • fixed possible lockup when using threads (reported by Harlock and others)

other changes:

  • GUI improvements
  • copy: updates "bytes to copy" when skipping files
  • copy: Worker updates the copy window before an error requester
  • filetypes: empty file content descriptions are now ignored (reported by Ulf Hartwig)
  • filetypes: fixed file content configuration to not select several entries at once
  • added some example scripts and corresponding buttons to convert cd tracks to several formats (Giulio Canevari)

2003-12-18: Version 2.8.3:


  • fixed a little bug which partialy prevents the configuration of the filetypes

other changes:

  • window creation will wait till window mapping

2003-11-26: Version 2.8.2:

new features:

  • the listview header colors are now configurable (reported by Piotr Rzepka)
  • search entry now allows case insensitive search (activate it in the command configuration)


  • fixed possible endless loop in directory read (reported by Florian Zwoch)
  • fixed information mode to keep currently visible information when other side is deactivated and no longer try to update information for a corrupt symlink (reported by Giulio Canevari)
  • improved configure checks for statvfs/statfs for improved compatibility Worker can now be compiled on OpenBSD (Thanks to Ingolf Schuchardt for support and access to an OpenBSD box)
  • some other code changes to allow compilation on Solaris2.7 (Thanks to Jean-Francois Magni for testing)
  • the status bar is now correctly updated even when the listview doesn't list any directory

other changes:

  • gui code cleanup
  • left align listview header text when it doesn't fit into the header (reported by Giulio Canevari)
  • print installation directory at the end of the configure script
  • Worker will now also compile on AIX with the gcc compiler

2003-08-17: Version 2.8.1:

new features:

  • external programs which run in the foreground (i.e., Worker waits for completion) can now be detached with Escape or the middle mouse button
  • added some new columns: Inode number, number of hard links, number of blocks the information mode will also show this values
  • for devices the size of the entry is now the major/minor number
  • added headerline for the listview you will see the field name and you can click on it to change the sortmode
  • there is an additional symbol in the listview bar (above the listview) which is visible when Worker is still recognizing filetypes


  • fixed buffer overflow in informationmode (reported by Cyriac Benoit)

other changes:

  • chmod/chown: chmod will no longer read all affected directories at the beginning but change permissions on the fly. This way you are able to change the permissions for directories you are currently not able to read. the same goes for chown although you won't notice any different because chown is only allowed for root (on most systems) and root can always read the dirs
  • used thousand separator from current locale (Thanks for the patch to Tobias Toedter)
  • added some more tests for large files in the configure-script. This should fix compile problems with RedHat 7
  • modified default configs so TGZ/TBZ2 actions should work on any system no matter if tar doesn't understands the special options updated addons are also available
  • Worker will compile on AIX (only with xlc compiler)
  • updated italian catalog (Thanks to Giulio Canevari)

2003-06-08: Version 2.8.0:

new features:

  • the configuration file format is now text based Worker will continue to load old binary files and old binary export files. You can now also import whole configurations Although you can now edit the config don't expect any documentation about the keywords and file structure and whatever
  • added new flag for "own command": {scripts} which will be replaced by the path to the scripts dir inside worker's share directory This can be used for easy access to additional scripts
  • there is a new bash script "pattern rename" For a given match pattern you can replace/add text at the beginning/mid/end of all matched filenames There is a button in the default config and you can also download this button from my homepage (->AddOns) (Thanks to aaron who wrote this script and the button)

other changes:

  • worker will compile with Sun C++ compiler
  • renaming (in rename and copy) to empty name is now catched
  • when starting DoubleClick/Show/RawShow/User-action the selected entries will no longer be deselected at the beginning but only depending on the used flags in the actions
  • cancelling copy will open requester for confirmation
  • in the "disc is full"-requester the affected file will be shown
  • added italian catalog (Thanks to Amedeo Brunetti and Giulio Canevari)
  • updated russian catalog (Thanks again to Ilya V. Yalovoy)
  • fixed RAR buttons/filetype in the default configs
  • fixed button titles in import window

2003-04-27: Version 2.7.1:

new features:

  • added support for large files (>= 2GB)
  • improved error requesters for un-stat-able directory entries you can abort the directory reading and directories containing such directories with these entries remain selected when copying/deleting them
  • support env variables in path buttons (suggested by Thomas Helbig)
  • worker compiles with Cygwin (Thanks to Stephan Henningsen)
  • chmod: the keypad can be used to select permissions also with NumLock=off
  • create symlink: function can now create absolute and relative symlinks option "local symlink" renamed to "relative symlink" example: link usr/bin/gs to /usr/local/bin/gs will be "..../bin/gs"
  • show image mode:
    • Worker can use ImageMagick's display for embedded display (select it from the "show image mode"-configuration [Right click at list view bar->show image mode->set to default viewer]) ImageMagick knows more file formats but is also slower
    • moved wrappers for xli/display to share/worker/scripts
  • configuration: ask when canceling a changed configuration

security fixes:

  • copy: destination directories were created with 755 permissions and got correct permissions only at the end of directory copy now the destination directories will be created with 700 permissions (and of course get correct permission at the end)


  • fixed if-parser in the script command it was possible to use "" instead of "=" which led to wrong results
  • copy: fixed restoring of old owner and permission copy will restore SUID/SGID bit only when root or owner of file (reported by Simonics Zsolt)
  • fixed resizing of some windows, some windowmanagers (like kwm) doesn't accept my way
  • fixed some problems with the script-command examples, the extension wasn't recognized correctly You can download the new example from my homepage, but they are of course included in the default configs (reported by aaron)
  • Worker will no longer try to enter a directory which is not executable for the user
  • fixed segfault when resizing some windows in the configuration

other changes:

  • russian catalog (Thanks to Ilya V. Yalovoy)
  • worker searchs for the datadir (for catalogs, default configs…) now in the following places: 1.compiled PREFIX/share/worker 2.<exe-location>/../share/worker 3./usr/share/worker 4./usr/local/share/worker 5.$HOME/share/worker This way moving around an already compiled version is much easier

2002-10-26: Version 2.7.0:

  • fixed a major security problem with filenames with special characters Since commands will be executed in a shell-script, characters in filenames with special meaning for the shell will disturb the correct execution. For example: Viewing a file "something`rm some_other_file`" would remove the "some_other_file"!!!!! All executed commands will be now protected in single quotes. As a side effect most of the shell features are no longer possible. The following list contains all allowed strings which have to appear as a single word:

    - pipe

    ; - command separation & - execute in background

      - or

    && - and >, <, >&2, 1>, 1>&2, 2>, 2>&1, >>, 1>>, 2>> - redirections Because of the changes "With quotes" in the "own command" is removed because filenames are now always quoted. For example "xv {f}" will work for any filename. all flag-replacements in "own command" are always protected with quotes but you can disable this with "-" before the flag e.g.: make -f {f} {-Rs{Make target:}{}} But there is normally no need to change the commands because most will work just as before and e.g. xv "{f}" is still okay. Some of my examples for the "script" command need changes so I update the example configs and the AddOns on the homepage

  • this "special character" problem also affects the copy of special files (symlinks, pipes,…) worker copies these special files now with intern functions No extern command for these files anymore so removed the options in "copy" command configuration

An update is highly recommended!!

  • copy: When a read error appears while copying a file this error was not noticed (no requester and this file was marked as correctly copied), fixed Also improved error requesters for other errors
  • copy: when resizing the copy-window, the filenames are redrawn (in the case they were too long)
  • copy: When canceling "move", you will be asked whether to delete the already correctly copied files from the source
  • because env-variables are no longer available with shell-features (e.g. $HOME) there is now a new flag for "own command" (and "script command") {vEnvName}, e.g. you get your home dir with {vHOME}
  • the default- and infotext for the Rs-Flag is now no longer length-limited
  • start prog: the string has the same limitations as "own command" so the default value (the active entry) is now already protected
  • added toNum and toStr to the if-parser in the "script" command
  • the informationmode now shows also the file permission as octal number
  • the permission string in the ListView now has 10 chars like ls or mc before the filename there is now also a special character for special files (pipes, devices…)
  • filterselect: window is now resizeable
  • new command: show directory cache it will open a window with all parent directory names for the current dir and all names from the directory cache. You can choose a dir or enter a new name doubleclick in the listview-bar (above the ListView) will also open this window
  • show image mode: the program string is now only the program name, no %s… anymore
  • fixed loading of Worker1 configs (shortkeys were lost) also fixed builtin config (when no config file is available)
  • updated for autoconf 2.54/automake 1.7
  • added parent dir buttons (..) to the path line for each side (suggested by Amedeo Brunetti)
  • added support non-latin character input like cyrillic chars and also support dead keys (Thanks to Ilya V. Yalovoy for hints and testing)
  • improved support for corrupt directories (without .. entry)

2002-08-26: Version 2.6.1:

  • fixed compile-bug for gcc >= 3.1 (Thanks to Goetz Waschk for the patch)
  • the filetypes in the configuration are sorted now (suggested by Martin Kaehmer)
  • the mousewheel can be used to switch buttonbank when using it at the clockbar
  • improved diskspace updating, also fixed overflow for percent calculation in information mode
  • added 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 icons

2002-08-18: Version 2.6.0:

  • return in requesters is now only allowed when okay button holds focus use space for any other button
  • fixed filetype-recognition order. Now it really first checks the content for all types and in a second run the pattern
  • filetype-recognition: scans the visible entries first
  • filetype-recognition: added "ignore case" flag and support for regular expressions
  • filetype-recognition: added support for bzip2 and xpkmaster Worker supports now:
    • gzip
    • bzip2
    • xpkmaster (currently the most important is sqsh)
  • configuration: when creating a filetype using "automatic creation", Worker will now also uncompress the files just like the recognition will do so you can select 3 files of the type no matter how they are compressed
  • configuration: copying a button/hotkey/path don't duplicate the shortkeys
  • configuration: when adding commands, the last used command is highlighted
  • configuration: when adding commands, the configuration is called if available doubleclicking a command from the list will now also open the configuration
  • fixed bug in infomode when displaying a symlink with no destination
  • own command: you can now select the program with a filerequester
  • new command "Script" It's now possible to create programs for the buttons/hotkeys/filetypes You can store data on stacks (as many as you want) and jump at condition to labels. Here's a list of what's possible with this new command:

    • push push a string (which can contains flags) or the output of this string on a stack of your choice
    • label just a label for if/goto
    • if test the condition and jump to label when true ( != 0 ) you can use parentheses, && and || if needed. <, <=, =, >, >, != works as usual. "" marks a string which can contains the usual flags ${} will be replaced with the output the command in braces ?{} same with the returncode of the command true is always true false is always false isEmpty(nr) is true when stack <nr> is empty size(nr) is the size of stack <nr> filelistEmpty(0 or 1) is true when filelist is empty (no more {f}) 0 means the current panel, 1 the other
    • end immediatly stops the command-list execution
    • settings set "recursive" when you want collect the files recursive set "with quotes" when you want filenames in quotes set "also use dirs for flag-replacing" when you also want to use the directories themselve (when collecting recursive)
    • goto jump to given label

    For the own command (and also push/if) there are some new flags:

    • {top stack-number} gets the top element of the given stack
    • {pop stack-number} gets and remove the top element of the given stack
    • {size stack-number} gets the size of the stack

    You can run if and push in debug-mode so it's easier to check what's going on Finally you can also use a window to display some information to the user

    • there is a progressbar and a multi-line textarea both are controlled by strings which can contain the usual flags and also the output of the string can be used For a newline in the textarea use a '|' in the string. The progressbar-string will be converted to a number and has to be between 0 and 100

    If you run into an endless loop you can send a USR1-signal to stop execution The execution will be stopped whenever you use the output/returncode of a command and this command writes something to stderr All in all I think this is a feature for the advanced user but it's not so difficult as it sounds. I added some buttons to the default config with some examples which can you also download from the new section "AddOns" from my homepage: The easiest example: Ask the bitrate and convert all selected files to mp3 Other example: number all selected files through

  • show output didn't work for startprog, fixed
  • listview-scrollers have now a minimum width/height
  • go to dir: specialdir supports the usual flags from "own command"
  • copy: for the current file the rate over the last second is now displayed instead of the average rate (as shown before) which is now displayed in the next line
  • copy: show complete path when requesting new name because there is already an existing entry
  • copy: when requesting destination the default is now the directory from the other panel (suggested by Ernest Beinrohr)
  • the copy-window shows the progress in the title (suggested by Ernest Beinrohr)
  • when copy of non-regular file failed (with cp), the error-requester shows now also the error output of this command. There is now also a "Cancel" button
  • DND: Worker now deselect the dropped entry (reported by Gary Watson)
  • the compression-handler is displayed in the informationmode
  • rename: cancel now really aborts in any case
  • rename: the name in the StringGadget is now highlighted
  • rename: show active entry after rename
  • rename: redraw whole listview for each entry (just looks better because the columns are correct)
  • changed behaviour of Show/RawShow/User/DoubleClick/DND-Actions so they will only run for involved entries this means for example when doubleclicking a picture and you have the ShowAction in the DoubleClick-Action command list, the ShowAction will only run for the doubleclicked entry and not for all selected like before
  • the width/height of mainwindow is now stored for each screen independent
  • added GPL to the about requester
  • for flag-replacing in own command and the new script command: When collecting files recursive, you got an empty string for the directory names. Now you will only get the filenames by default, but there is a new switch "Also use dirs for flag-replacing" so you can also use the directory names
  • Worker checks for updated config file once per minute and ask you for reload

2002-05-26: Version 2.5.0:

  • added native chown
  • added focus handling for the gui use tab/shift-tab to switch to next/prev element use space to activate an element return is handled like clicking at okay (only when focus is not on any button of the bottom line (except okay of course))
  • you can now use as many shortkeys as you want for one button/hotkey/path
  • double shortkeys are also possible now (like Ctrl-x c)
  • filterselect, filterunselect and setfilter now have a history for used patterns
  • for chmod/chown "Request these flags" is now on as default
  • when running worker as root, the statebar turns red and the window title is "rootWorker"
  • faster startup (especially for big window)
  • worker now stores the position of the listview correctly when switching to other displaymode (informationmode, show image mode)
  • improved speed for filetype recognition (especially for big directories)
  • when deleting/moving files in some cases the progress-window wasn't updated correctly
  • fixed drawing/refresh problems for delete
  • fixed crash when mainwindow is too small (reported by Josef Oswald)
  • fixed bug in statebar calculation

2002-04-06: Version 2.4.0:

  • filetype-recognition is now done by threads this result in faster recognition at fast devices and no more waiting for slow devices (like floppydiscs) Thread-support can be disabled
  • partition-size-reading is now also done by a thread
  • own command got a new option "Run in background" Background commands will be disconnected from the Worker-process and won't be killed when worker quits
  • date/time format is now configurable (in "Global configuration") and there is also name-substitution for today, yesterday,…
  • added sortmodes for type and owner
  • configuration import/export added (buttons/filetypes/hotkeys)
  • changed behaviour and requester when disc is full while copying You can now choose to keep the incomplete file or delete it but in any case the sourcefile isn't deleted (which was done when "Okay" was chosen in the requester) reported by Rick Younie
  • reload got a new option "Keep filetypes"
  • dirsize will rebuild listview for each calculated element reported by Dirk Weber
  • show/rawshow/user/…-actions are now also applicable to the active entry
  • Buttons are now only clickable if they have assigned commands
  • the filetype-, hotkey- and flag-request-window (for own command) are now resizeable
  • no quit-requester when closing main-window
  • chmod-requester improved
  • polish catalog (Thanks to Pawel Kaczor)

2002-01-09: Version 2.3.1:

  • improved top statebar (Thanks to Martin K√§hmer)
  • when changing sortmode, active entry is centered
  • new command "activate shortkey from list" You can choose shortkey from a list and activate it useful for forgotten shortkeys or as an overview of all defined shortkeys
  • fixed calculation of "bytes to copy"
  • copy/delete-windows are now resizeable also filename/dirname will be shorten to fit in the window
  • compiles (and runs :-) ) on Mac OS X (Darwin) (Thanks to Malcolm Cleland)

2001-11-05: Version 2.3.0:

  • some changes for gcc 3.0 but I have no chance to test it, reports are welcome
  • new option for delete-function to remove the active entry when no other are selected
  • new option for reload-function to reset the previous calculated dir sizes
  • added option to show "<DIR>" instead of the size for directories (of course only if the dirsize is unknown) you will find this option in the "global configuration"-section
  • when entering a shortkey in the configuration you can now remove an other reference to this key
  • the command-list in the configuration is now sorted ignoring case
  • some GUI improvements
    • nicer (atleast I think so) turned-down corner in buttons with two functions
    • buttons with no assigned function cannot be clicked
    • now left- or rightclick at the clockbar will show the next buttonbank
    • middleclick in the listview will just activate the entry without changing the selection state
  • fixed problem with dynamic coloumnwidth when filters are active and excluding some files
  • fixed problem when changing filters or showHidden-mode, which could stopped the filerecognition
  • dirs containing files which can't be stat-ed will now also be displayed (without these files but there will be a requester for each file)
  • finally: added a fontrequester so it's easy to select a different font

2001-07-08: Version 2.2.2:

  • configurable listview-background
  • wait-cursor while reading dir and executing external progs
  • improved cut&paste (works with more apps)
  • improved mainwindow-title (path of the active listview is shown)
  • some catalog-changes and updated french catalog
  • fixed filename-search when hiding hidden files
  • improved dir-cache-replacement-strategy not recently used are droped when cache is full
  • filters are now not applied for dirs
  • added "unset all filters" in filterconfiguration
  • icon will be installed in $prefix/share/pixmaps

2001-05-08: Version 2.2.1:

  • bug fix in delete window
  • minor bug fix for reloading a dir, sometimes the active entry was deactivated
  • new option for the copy-operation: preserve attributes when set, the permissions/owner/modificationtime/accesstime will be restored (as far as possible) default is on
  • a corrupt symlink will now be treated as file
  • the colors for the active entry can now be changed
  • improved search-operation:
    • a recall will search the next entry with the same prefix
    • stars (*) are also supported now so it's possibly to search for file containing the pattern inside the filename a trailing star is always implied

2001-03-20: Version 2.2.0:

  • sortmode change with the action will update the lvb
  • fixed problem with giving a startdir relative to the current dir (Martin Kaehmer)
  • worker_inst exists no longer, Worker will do it instead
  • it's now configurable what to show in the clockbar the configuration can be reached by a new subsection in the config-win it can show the time/ram, only the time, the worker version (for no system load) and the output of any external program
  • the correct background color is taken for the "show image mode" (rno)
  • in the button/path-configurations the actionmodes (copy/swap/delete) can stay active until other choose when selecting "extended" in the same window in the new cyclebutton this is useful for copying/swapping/deleting more than one button/path
  • dirs can now ignored for filetype-checking (exactly: in this dirs only the pattern is used (if used)) the new configuration can be found in the filetype-settings this is useful for slow devices like a floppydisc
  • updated french catalog

2001-03-01: Version 2.1.0:

  • fixed bug in deleteop/copyop (buffer overflow) (Martin Kaehmer)
  • fixed bug when copy in readonly
  • added setsortmode op (Martin Kaehmer)
  • added setfilter (Martin Kaehmer)
  • the used terminal is now configurable
  • Worker can redraw the window when waiting for a extern command
  • cycle through cyclebuttons with right mouse button backwards (Martin Kaehmer)
  • the function "reload" can now also be used for DND-actions
  • after rename, the active entry is shown (Martin Kaehmer)
  • the sortmode is shown in the bar above the lister N = namesort S = sizesort M = modificationtime-sort A = accesstime-sort C = changetime-sort R = reverse (Martin Kaehmer)
  • the ".."-entry is now always active for loaded dirs which are not in the cache (Martin Kaehmer)
  • new flag for the "own command": {dp} for the destination path of a DND-action
  • the requester for existing file in copy/move now shows the size and modificationtime of both files

2001-02-05: Version 2.0.2:

  • fixed bug when displaying name in first column, the line is empty (Thanks to Donald J. Maddox, Alan K. Jackson)
  • right justify size (Thanks to Martin Kaehmer)
  • fixed bug in text-entries (Thanks to Martin Kaehmer)
  • fixed bug in externop in flag parsing (Thanks to Rick Younie, Harlock)
  • support for filesizes/dirsizes >4GByte (if your system supports 64 bit type) (Thanks to Martin Kaehmer,Harlock)
  • no longer displays readable but not executable dirs (r–) side effect: dirsize will not show weird values
  • for own commands and string requests, Cancel will really cancel the operation (Thanks to Rick Younie)
  • in the configuration, the "Choose Command"-requester is now sorted and also resizeable (Thanks to Rick Younie)
  • the partitionsize/freespace of the actual dir can be shown in the listviewbar (Thanks to Rick Younie,Martin Kaehmer)
  • the display of owner/group is switchable ("user @ group" or "") (Thanks to Rick Younie)
  • the ".."-entry is no longer selectable nor it will be counted (Thanks to Martin Kaehmer)
  • rewrote xliwrapper_worker and worker.inst (now worker_inst) in C
  • fixed foreground of empty buttons in the example-configurations (Thanks to Rick Younie)
  • finally DND is usable To activate: Select the entry and hold the left mousebutton, then click the right. Now move to destination and release the left button. You can cancel DND with Escape or a rightclick when dragging! If there is no DND-action defined for the type of the dragged entry, the DND-action from the "NoSelect"-type is used! Limitations: You can only drag one entry This works only inside Worker

2001-01-10: Version 2.0.1:

  • fixed error in color handling >8 colors
  • fixed error in CopyOp with FastMode
  • don't refuse to copy in symlinked dir
  • fixed problem with catalog-loading
  • correct catalog templates
  • french catalog and example-config (Thanks to rno <> for this)
  • added Keypad-usage in StringGadget (you can now also enter the numbers with it)

2001-01-06: Version 2.0.0:

  • rewritten in C++
  • shown informations of entries can be freely configured
  • added show image mode for display of the active entry in the other side
  • added directory-buffer
  • show/hide hiddenfiles
  • can use more than one action for buttons/filetypes/hotkeys
  • takes two args and display the dirs
  • better GUI, f.i. the textinput doesn't block anymore and understands the shell-shortcuts (ctrl-a,…)
  • better searchmode, also doesn't block and begins at active entry
  • more call-possibilities for filetypes (f.i. doubleclick, show)
  • filterselect now on files OR dirs
  • doesn't accept duplicate shortcuts
  • correct display of NTFS directories (Thanks to Pawel Kaczor)
  • some fixes in configuration (Thanks to Fireball)
  • compiles and runs on FreeBSD 2.2.2 (Thanks to Fireball)
  • mouse wheel support
  • man page
  • many other small things I forgot

2000-01-22: Version 1.3.3:

  • bug fixes (Thanks to Thomas Bader)
    • compile error
  • now Dock-able (for WindowMaker and perhaps other)

1999-09-17: Version 1.3.2:

  • bug fixes (Thanks to Piergiorgio Ghezzo)
    • compile error
    • configuration segmentation fault

1999-09-07: Version 1.3.1:

  • compiling and installing using "configure"-Script
  • english documentation

1999-05-16: Version 1.3.0:

  • dynamic width of size, name and type to remove useless spaces between sections
  • if worker cannot repaint the window, X will use the color 0 as background
  • the copy-function has two new flags:
    • copy to same directory: for duplicate
    • request destination
  • the configuration-program now shows correctly the shift-flag
  • now there are some arguments, mainly for request the version: -V, –version, -help, –help
  • new functions:
    • chmod
    • toggle infomode
    • search entry
    • path to other lister
    • enter new path
  • the user-commando has an improvement:
    • the option {Rs} now can get an infostring and a defaultstring usage: {Rs<infostring><defaultstring>} NOTE: the chars "<" and ">" are importent

1999-04-29: Version 1.2.0:

  • great Speedimprovement in the CopyFile-Operation (especially on ZIP's …)
  • removed Bug in the Move-operation: AFTER finish of move it's possibly that worker crashes
  • now worker can be compiled with egcs without any warning
  • complete showing of file-permissions
  • file-size will be printed with points after 3 and 6 digits for better reading
  • there is no longer an extra program for configuration, so you can configurate worker while running

1999-03-30: Version 1.1.0:

  • Worker and WConfig are font-sensitive
  • some improvements for successful compiling with egcs
  • better handling of file-selecting
  • Worker and WConfig supports infinite banks for buttons
  • Copy/Move ask for destination, if the other side doesn't support the action
  • improved performance of the DirSize-function
  • now using active entry if no other is selected (except the delete-function)
  • the move-operation now delete the files (if needed) on the end of the Operation

1999-03-06: Version 1.0.0:

  • first public release