APCComm - Amiga<->PC file transfer program


NOTE: A compiler is only required for GNU/Linux, all archives contain an amiga binary so no compiler is required for the amiga!

Current version:
APCComm version 3.1.0
archive contains:
  • Amiga GUI version, Amiga version without GUI and a connection test program
  • GNU/Linux and Amiga sourcecode
  • the Parapin library
  • the tavvva_ppdrv library
BZIP2 packed TAR archive (128 kB) (signature)
LHA archive (205 kB) (signature)

Other downloads (not required):
Parapin library 1.0.0 gzipped tarball (235 kB) (signature)
bzip2 tarball (188 kB) (signature)

Older version are also available for download.

Contributed builds

Note: These are unsupported builds. Please contact the corresponding author in case of questions.

Download Information
APCComm 2.3.0 - Windows port (77 kB) Windows port to C#/.NET 4.0
First argument can specify port to use:
It defaults to 888 (0x378).
Archive contains source and binary for both 32-bit and 64-bit environment.
Author: Simone Lombardo <evil.lombo@gmail.com>
APCComm for OpenPandora Port to OpenPandaro platform