APCComm - Amiga<->PC file transfer program



  1. type
    for compiling.
    If you want to, you can edit the "Makefile.config" before compiling:
    1. change INSTALLBIN to the directory you want install it (if you want to install it)
    2. uncomment line "USE_SP=1" if you have an installed libparapin and want to use it instead of the included
  2. You can install "APCComm" but this is not required.
    Perhaps you need root privileges for the next step:
    make install
    for installing the binary.
  3. the executable is "apccomm"


Just drag "apccomm" in the Amiga directory to the place you want it, no configuration is required. You can also copy it to c:
If you have AmigaOS <2.0 you have to use the "apccomm-nogui" (also in the Amiga directory) but it has no icon because it's just a CLI program; copy it to c:

Be sure "apccomm" is executable!
Use "Icon information" from workbench menu (for OS >=2.0) or type
protect c:apccomm +rwed
in a CLI (change the path to the installation path).

If you want to compile "APCComm" yourself:
I recommend the Dice compiler 3.16 (available from aminet)!
For the GUI version you need the reqtools headers and link library which you can download from aminet (but they are also included in Dice 3.16).
  1. When you have installed Dice you can do:
    • dmake
      for a list of compile targets
    • dmake all
      to compile apccomm with gui
    • dmake install
      to copy apccomm to c:
    • dmake clean
      for removing object files and executable
    • dmake nogui
      compile without gui (supports OS <2.0)
    • dmake test
      compiles a connection test program (see the file PROBLEMS for details)
Now APCComm is ready to go, no configuration is required.