APCComm - Amiga<->PC file transfer program

Transfer speed

The performance depends much on the speed of both systems but you should get reasonable speed even on slow systems. The following transfer rates were measured on the following systems:
RAM <-> HD HD <-> HD
From Amiga to PC 38 KByte/s 32 KByte/s
To Amiga from PC 18 KByte/s 15 KByte/s

Comparison with other transfer methods:
3.8 KB/s
(31250 Bit/s)

4 KB/s
14.4 KB/s
(115200 Bit/s)

38 KB/s
Serial: theoretical value without reading/writing
Floppy: Filesize / ( Time for writing from amiga to disc + time for reading from disc to pc )

There is no crunching code so the speed doesn't depend on the content of the files you are transferring. You can get lower or ever higher values. You can expect decent rates even when using slower systems.
Also the overhead for small files is rather big so transferring many small files will impact the speed. Archiving (even without compression) is recommended for this case if time matters.

ADF mode

Direct disk access to read/write ADF images is slower, I got write speed of around 11 KByte/s and read speed of around 22 KByte/s. So it takes around 40 seconds to create an ADF image and 1 minute, 20 seconds to write it back to floppy disk.

Speed reports

other Speed reports
System Direction Speed
A1200 030/50, Celeron 333 To Amiga 16-18 KByte