APCComm - Amiga<->PC file transfer program


www.aminet.net Aminet, the best source for amiga software
aminet.net/search?query=apccomm You can get apccomm also from aminet
Freshcode Freshcode entry for APCComm
Parapin library I use this library for accessing the parallel port in linux
AMIGA - PC first steps Tips about getting the first file to the Amiga
transfer disk images from linux pc to amiga A nice walkthrough to transfer files with serial cables
Hombre Collection of file transfer software for Amiga and PC; serial, parallel, and more

Other amiga transfering software:

PC2Am PC2Amiga - connects amiga and MSDOS/Windows-PC
Mounts all devices from pc to a device at the amiga and allows to read/write from/to pc with every program
Great if you use MS-OS's
amigaXfer amigaXfer - serial port transfer program. Connects the Amiga and Linux/Windows PCs (basically any python supported plattform with serial port)
Very fast and does not require any software on the Amiga.