Worker file manager

1. Frequently asked questions about Worker

1.1. How can I change the context menu?

The context menu shows all actions defined for the current file. Modify the list of actions for the corresponding file type to add additional entries in the context menu. Read on for a detailed description.

1.2. I'm used to CLI: How do I enable tab completion?

The Start prog command stores previously entered commands and automatically insert the best match when entering a command.

1.3. Can I delete files that haven't been selected but are highlighted?

Change the behaviour of the delete button:

1.4. How can I set up a double click command for a file type .xyz?

Go to the file type configuration (Config -> Filetypes) and create a new type by clicking on New type. A complete description of all available options can be found in the file type configuration documentation.

1.5. How does Worker decide which files to use in external programs?

You can read more about it in flag replacement description.

1.6. How can I quickly start a program?

You can press Ctrl-x twice to start the Start prog command. In the dialog you can enter the program name and its arguments. The currently active file name is already inserted, remove it if you don't need it. Pressing Enter will start the program right away. Command completion based on previously entered commands is also available.

1.7. Image mode/Xli won't work! What can I do?

You might need to specify the absolute path to the xli or ImageMagick binaries, read about it in the image mode documentation.

1.8. Some characters in UTF8 encoded file names are not shown correctly.

If you use a non-latin encoded environment it is possible that some characters are not shown correctly with the default font. You might need to select a different font. Take a look at the font configuration page.

1.9. How can I connect to ftp servers?

There is a button FTP in the default configuration (on button bank 4) which execute the FTP connection command. This command will ask for the host name, the user name and the password and will open the ftp directory in the current panel.

1.10. The flag {a} doesn't work as expected. What's wrong?

In Worker version older than 2.19.0, for context menus the flag replacement mechanism was limited to the clicked file and not all files. In newer version, this restrictions has been removed.

1.11. I would like to use a fixed width font or a TTF font in the internal text viewer. Is this possible?

Yes, in Worker 2.17.9 the font can be changed.

1.12. Worker looses the keyboard focus. Is there a fix available?

Sometimes there is a problem with some X Input methods (XIM) servers (ibus) so that Worker looses the keyboard while mouse input still works. Worker should identify this problem after a few key presses and asks to enable a workaround. It is also possible to force this workaround by starting worker once with the argument --override-xim=yes. It is possible to restore the default behavior by using the argument --override-xim=no. The about dialog shows the currently used mode (either default or fallback).

1.13. The entry ".." is not visible

Since Worker 3.1.0 the ".." is no longer shown directly. Switching to the parent directory can be achieved by pressing "Cursor left" or clicking on the separate ".." button or using the breadcrumb navigation.

However, it is possible to display the ".." entry by enabling it in the configuration of the directory mode. This entry does not show the actual value for the file system entry but can still be used to switch to the parent directory by double-clicking it.