Worker file manager

Advanced features


Worker supports drag'n'drop (DND) by implementing the XDND protocol which is compatible with pretty much all current environments, such as GNOME, KDE, or in general GTK or QT applications. However, since Worker's selection scheme is a little bit different to desktop file manager, the DND in Worker behaves a little bit unusual too.

To start the DND select the entry and hold down the left mousebutton just as in normal DND systems. The drag is started by pressing the right mouse button (while still holding the left mouse button). You can now move the entry to the final destination and release the left mouse button but you can also abort the drag'n'drop operation by pressing the Escape key.

The actual action executed when dropping the entry depends on the file type of the entry. Don't expect that the entry is copied to the destination directory. Directories for example are viewed if they are dropped at a list view, archives will be extracted. Each file type has an own configuration section about drag'n'drop actions.

Besides the unusual activation there are some additional limitations:

Virtual File Systems and Virtual Directories

Worker supports a virtual file system to access archives, and virtual directories to combine files from different locations into one virtual directory.

More features

Information about other features can be found in the corresponding features section.