Worker file manager

1. Copy command

The "copy command" is used to copy or move files and directories in Worker. In the default configuration the command is bound to F5, and Shift+F5 opens the option window before starting the actual copy operation.

A separate copy window is shown during the copy operation. It shows statistics like progress and estimated remaining time. If the windows is closed or the cancel button is clicked, Worker asks to abort the operation so the copy operation can still be resumed. Incomplete files will be asked to be removed again when the copy operation is canceled.

1.1. Command options

The behavior of this command can be modified by the following options:

1.2. Copy modes

The copy command can be used to copy or move files and directories to the target directory.

In copy mode, all files, directories, and their attributes are copied as good as possible. Some attributes may not be restored due to missing permissions but Worker will issue a dialog if that happens.

In move mode, Worker tries to move the selected files and directory without copying them first. This is usually successful when moving within the same device and it is much faster than copy. However, there are circumstances when a move is not possible and Worker switches automatically to a copy and delete mechanism. In this mode, the files and directories are copied and when this was successful, the original files are removed. This usually happens if a move between different devices is started, or the option to adjust symlinks is chosen.

1.3. Background copy

The copy operation can also be put into background by clicking in the corresponding button in the copy window. Once in background, Worker can be used normally including starting different copy operations.

Due to internal limitations, the window of a background operation is only updated if Worker is not blocked by another operation (like running external programs). The copy is still continue and the window is updated once the control returns to the Worker main thread.

The copy dialog remains open even after the process has been finished. The dialog contains a checkbox that changes this behavior so that the window automatically closes when the copy operation is done. The setting is globally stored and will apply to all following copy operations too.