Worker file manager


Worker supports simple tabs in the directory mode. Those tabs are not completely independent and as such share the same settings like filters, sort mode, etc.

New tabs can be created by clicking the "plus" button on the left hand side or pressing Ctrl+t. Existing tabs can be closed by clicking on the "cross" button on the right hand side or pressing Ctrl+w.

Tabs can be switched by clicking on the corresponding tab or pressing Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to switch to the previous/next tab.

A menu with these actions can be opened with a right click on a tab. There is also a "modify tabs" command to access these actions from any command/key binding. The menu also allows to lock tabs so they cannot be closed without unlocking. The position of individual tab entries can be changed by selecting the option within the menu to move the tab to the left or to the right.

It is also possible to store the opened directories of all tabs at exit and restore the tabs again in the next Worker session. Read the configuration of initial dirs section for details about how to enable this behavior.

Also the currently opened tabs can be saved into profiles for later reopening. See tab profiles for more details.